Monday, March 14, 2011

Surviving Chennai

Hi everyone!!! Yes yes.... I'm alive and back to "blog-life". You can see that its been more than a year since I posted anything. Don't ask me what I did all these months, 'cause I've no idea what to say! This is my first post this new year, so I'm gonna keep it small.

By the way, I'm not in college anymore( I feel relieved!). I'm a working woman now( he he he :P) seriously, I'm not kidding. I'm living in Chennai which is a very interesting place except for 3 things "Water, Weather and Tax".

I love being in Chennai, it has big malls, beautiful streets, and esp KFC(luv the chicken there), the more I explore this place the more I fall for it. Its a big city, unlike my hometown so there are lots of places for me to hang out with my friends and to shop. I brought my scooter from my hometown, so whenever I ride it I feel like I am a free bird.(Wow! Its a lovely feeling).

But I wonder how people live in Chennai during Summer! You'll feel like you are sitting on the sun.Its just March and it is pretty hot and I can't imagine how it is going to be in May.Needless to say about the water here, its bad(always bad).

My lifestyle has changed now, I'm living with my friends in a flat and I control my own expenses. I was longing for this kinda life. Sometimes this is fun and sometimes it sucks :) I miss home sometimes but life in this big city is exciting everyday.

I 'll keep you posted with my thrilling new life. And I'm gonna catch up with all my blog-buddies. I've missed you all.. see ya soon :)

My heartfelt condolences to everyone affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I sincerely pray that such a horrible thing never happens again.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And thats my story!

Hiiiiiii! I'm Back! Sorry for no prior notice for my long absence!

All these weeks I just violated my engineering ethics! I was studying.... oops.. solving Maths, day and night with a group of five. For almost three weeks we slept only for 5 hours a day. We all worked till our batteries go dead! But it was all fun :P

I was actually preparing for an interview because of campus recruitments. Tcs - Tata Consultancy Services a huge software company came to our campus on 12th & 13th Feb to recruit freshers(Thats us).

Everyone expect me was crazy about it. I worked hard to clear the 1st round which is the aptitude round but the test was too tough and I never thought I would get in. But unfortunately I cleared all the rounds and got a job in TCS !! I still can't figure out why GOD gives me somethings I never ask him!!!!! And I have no idea why I'm not thrilled about my job!

So this is the reason why I disappeared all these days. Other than this Shock everything is pretty good here.

So whats up ? Hows life?? Did I miss anything?? I'm gonna quicken pace from now!
Have a happy week!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

A New List !

Happy Friday! I guess many in this world love Fridays... which symbolizes the freedom of our exhausting week :) So any plans this weekend?? I have not yet planned a thing.. but I wanna share few things that I learnt this week!

1. First of all, Sisters and Girl friends are difficult to understand(trust me, I can never please my sister).
2.I spend too much money on Hand Bags and Sneakers.
3.Sitting in a place for a very long time(esp my classroom) creates a big pain in my A** .
4.I can never become a Math geek!
5.I am irrevocably in love with PARIS.
6.Last but not the least, my pictures look good in camera but not in my system :(

So this is all I can figure out this New Year! And I am happy to know that many hate Maths just like me :P.
Happy Weekend !!! Let me know your weekend plans... :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My New Challenge

Happy Sunday everyone! How was your first week of this New Year?? I spent whole week in college... and it sucked as usual(okay, I'm not gonna talk about that).

I terribly miss my little blog world. And I have received a worst news this week. Software companies are gonna recruit the FRESHERS(thats me) from FEB 12th. This created a Whirlpool in my stomach and I guess that is never gonna end. I am poor in math and I have to learn from scrap. Its like I must turn into a Math Geek within a month :( Oh god!! That is really frustrating!

My First Challenge this new year is to digest two math books within 30 days! And all I need now is a MIRACLE. Trust me, I can never remember the multiplication tables and I detest Division. So during my Break I am gonna blog, or else I will be dead! My upcoming post might be about anything stupid.. and I kindly request you to say whatever you feel.

Best of luck to all the final year students of Engineering college. And I will catch up with you guys soon. Wish me luck I desperately need it.

Do you have anything interesting happening this year?? Any new projects or challenges?? I'd love to hear from you :)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome 2010!!!

Hi everyone!! I guess everybody had a splendid Christmas. I was stuck at home with no internet and just CAKES!!! So obviously I had the most delicious Christmas ever! My Mom received three huge boxes of cakes and one was Black forest! Me ,"The Kitchen Hunter" emptied all the boxes in almost 3 days! YUMMMMM!!

I am glad that 2009 will be gone in few hours and I welcome 2010 with a big heart. 2009, you were a big big big pain! The only good thing happened was my Brother's marriage and I had fun only on that week! I didn't make any New Year resolutions yet .. but I guess I will make one pretty soon.
I have no special plans for tomorrow. My Mom is in another State writing exams , my sister is in her hostel and my Dad is about 200 kms away from me . Its just me and my granny dumped in small town :( I dunno how I am going to survive this lonely 1st week of the New year without my friends and family :( But I am going to wake up tomorrow with a ray of hope!

What are your plans for this New year?? Did you make any resolutions? I would love to hear from you.

Have a Fabulous and a Superb 2010 "Freedom and Peace for all the Time" !!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Twilight Saga

Hi everyone.. how are you doing?? I'm doing good here.College is just the same, it gets worser day by day, but thats usual :) Now i have a good excuse for my long absence. Well I was completely immersed into the book "Twilight" and after finishing this, my curiosity level was raised to the peak :P so I brought the next book "New Moon" and started reading it and now I'm done with "Eclipse" too. I started this on Thursday and I never stopped turning pages until this evening. I have to admit that I'm addicted to it. Its like a drug to me :)

And now I'm gonna start "Breaking Dawn". The series is fascinating, I guess teenagers will love it. And I watched the movie too.. its again just as I expected.. and I added one more name to my crush list.. without doubts it is Robert Pattinson! I don't think I can help this silly feeling.
I guess I have kicked The Harry Potter series out of my mind after reading The Twilight Saga :P.

I guess I will be back after I'm done with "Breaking Dawn", or else I will break my head. And I will catch up with you guys pretty soon :) Have a happy week!!

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