Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome 2010!!!

Hi everyone!! I guess everybody had a splendid Christmas. I was stuck at home with no internet and just CAKES!!! So obviously I had the most delicious Christmas ever! My Mom received three huge boxes of cakes and one was Black forest! Me ,"The Kitchen Hunter" emptied all the boxes in almost 3 days! YUMMMMM!!

I am glad that 2009 will be gone in few hours and I welcome 2010 with a big heart. 2009, you were a big big big pain! The only good thing happened was my Brother's marriage and I had fun only on that week! I didn't make any New Year resolutions yet .. but I guess I will make one pretty soon.
I have no special plans for tomorrow. My Mom is in another State writing exams , my sister is in her hostel and my Dad is about 200 kms away from me . Its just me and my granny dumped in small town :( I dunno how I am going to survive this lonely 1st week of the New year without my friends and family :( But I am going to wake up tomorrow with a ray of hope!

What are your plans for this New year?? Did you make any resolutions? I would love to hear from you.

Have a Fabulous and a Superb 2010 "Freedom and Peace for all the Time" !!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Twilight Saga

Hi everyone.. how are you doing?? I'm doing good here.College is just the same, it gets worser day by day, but thats usual :) Now i have a good excuse for my long absence. Well I was completely immersed into the book "Twilight" and after finishing this, my curiosity level was raised to the peak :P so I brought the next book "New Moon" and started reading it and now I'm done with "Eclipse" too. I started this on Thursday and I never stopped turning pages until this evening. I have to admit that I'm addicted to it. Its like a drug to me :)

And now I'm gonna start "Breaking Dawn". The series is fascinating, I guess teenagers will love it. And I watched the movie too.. its again just as I expected.. and I added one more name to my crush list.. without doubts it is Robert Pattinson! I don't think I can help this silly feeling.
I guess I have kicked The Harry Potter series out of my mind after reading The Twilight Saga :P.

I guess I will be back after I'm done with "Breaking Dawn", or else I will break my head. And I will catch up with you guys pretty soon :) Have a happy week!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy 50th

Hi everyone!! Yes , I'm alive and lazy.I had a wonderful week and i have lots of things to share and I will do that pretty soon. And I guess I have done something incredible after a long time.. I have done 50 posts till now!!And Yes thats something BIG for me!!

My friend Dexter has written a beautiful poem about LOVE! Its very short and sweet and I want that to be my 50th post. So here you go

Love never had the fragrance,
Love never had the color,
Love never had the taste,
Until you opened my heart
And made me the One I should be.

Thanks mate.. I really love the way you write.

I dedicate this post to all my friends and my blog mates who read my posts and also to the persons who are in so called "love".

Have a beautiful week. I am gonna transform into a good and regular blogger from an Awful Blogger! I hope I don't screw this. Will be back soon and catch up with all of you!

All images from weheartit

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A good and a bad news!

Hi everyone! I'm back and thanks for you supportive comments in my last post. Of course I screwed up my exams and I feel kinda great! After exams I thought I would be a free bird and fly away , but my college can't stand without me. I have some ridiculous classes and I'm stuck in my college till the end of MAY ! I can't come out of that cage till then. Okay no more sad stories!

The good news is today is my Sister's Birthday.. oh yeah she is the sweetest devil I have ever seen! I can't believe that she has turned 18. I have been with her for so many years?? That's really UNBELIEVABLE.

She is far away from me and I miss her badly. I miss the fights, arguments and "The sister talks" we do at nights. Hey SNEHA, you are the sweetest and the most troublesome sister anyone can have. Thanks for being troubling me and I'm very bored without you here. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I miss you too much!!
(My sis is in white and I'm in blue)
Isn't she cute?? I love when she smiles. I guess the picture was taken 8 years back.

I'm having a busy week but I will catch up with you guys pretty soon.Please bear with my awful blogging. I miss you guys too...
Have a sweet week my friends!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Terrible Xams!

Hi everyone!! Yes still I'm alive and I'm surviving the exams. Four exams are over and I feel like I have touched heaven. There is one more exam left and that is on Friday. I screwed up all the four papers :P and I'm not at all worried about it .

I was surfing the net for some reason two days back and I got this funny little poem about exams. Here it comes...
Xams are there,
At the paper you stare,
The answer is nowhere,
Which makes you pull your hair,
The teachers make you glare,
The grades are not fair,
But just like the past 20 years,

Its true isn't?? Each and every line makes me just laugh and this is the situation all the engineering students meet in their examination hall ! :)

I'm preparing for my exams with my friends(because I will dream about very bad things when I'm alone) and all we do is flip pages like this

and we end up sleeping on the books just like this :P

(All images from weheartit)
I'm sorry to bore you guys with too much of my exams stuff... Its just that I'm trying to post something. I will be back with some better post pretty soon... Have a Fabulous week!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Exams and Hugs!

Hi everyone, I really missed you all! I had a wonderful "STUDY VACATION". Honestly I didn't touch my books;I was dancing, singing , jumping and talking! I had beautiful long weekends after a very long time and the last three days in my village was really exciting! When ever I go to my hometown I fell so refreshed and happy.

The problem is I didn't feel like studying at all (when did I ever feel so in my life?) My exams start on Monday and I'm still doing all other works, other than opening book!

So how are you guys doing?? Anything interesting things happened these two weeks? I have to tell you that I will be a bit replying to your posts.

And please everyone.. Wish me luck!!

"One hundred and twelve commuters embrace for a minute at London's St Pancras railway station on Thursday to set a Guinness world record for the largest group hug. The participants, many of them strangers, were little nervous but sprung into action at the last minute"

Sounds Fun isn't it?? I never imagined "Hugs" from Random Strangers, but it sounds really cool, I wish I were a part of it. But I don't want to hug a stranger who didn't have bath but used an "AXE" to cover it up. That would SUCK!!!

Happy Sunday and have a beautiful week :P

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Exams again!!

Hi guys! How are you all doing?? i'm having a busy week here with my exams around the corner. I decided to take a break from everything and start studying!!

Having said that, i'm going to my native place and going to stay there for the next two weeks. Hope i complete atleast half of the portions before my exams start.
I'm really going to miss you all for a few days. And I'm going to miss my blog till my exams get over.
Have fun blogging!! I'l catch up with you all after i come back to my place.
Wish me luck guys!! I'm gonna need a lot of it cos I still haven't started studying.
See you all soon:)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

5 beautiful things!

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Mine was the best weekend I ever had. It was too much fun and this Diwali was one of the best.

My friend Dexter wrote a small poem about color pencils. He is a good writer but is lazy and never writes. After a very long time he did a good job thinking about writing this sweet poem. Here it is

Clear blue skies on my windshield wake me up with a smile
Bright sunshine lighting up just another cheerful day
The path I tread is so green and it feels like heaven
Now I wonder how much colors can change our life
Come let's take these pencils and give more colors to it
Its colors which make our life beautiful

Hey Dexter, thanks a lot for writing this for me.

Here are some colorful pictures about color pencils :)

All images source : weheartit

Have a fantastic week dear friends!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Room, Diwali and Chocolates

Hi guys! At last its Friday! My Diwali preparation are going on in a full swing! I have almost completed all the work I had to do, but still I'm not satisfied with the condition of my room. I'm trying to have a room like this,

But i can't get even a bit of its beauty*sigh*. I love this theme, its white and the wall is filled with paintings. I'm obsessed about rooms with large windows!

Tomorrow morning I have to wake up as soon as possible and wear a new dress, do some rituals and then distribute sweets to all my friends and cousins. I love doing this job because I roam the whole Pondicherry in my scooter to distribute sweets, and its lots of fun! Even tough I can have some fun and all , I miss my DAD so much. He is far from us and alone and doing his COP job! I can't believe that he is so much workaholic!

Two days I and my younger brother will burst crackers the whole night till we empty all the boxes and its just going to be a noisy and sparkling night. Moreover I have made a BIG WISH LIST to God. I hope he fulfills half of them.

And one more thing, my sister gave me an amazing gift for this Diwali, its CADBURY'S CELEBRATIONS and FRUIT N NUT.
I simply adore both because they have NUTS, they drive me crazy. I think this is the best thing she has ever done in ages :P

See you all on Monday :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The festival of lights

Hi everyone! How are you guys doing? At last my headache is over! My exams went just fine and i never believed that I will have an easy time solving my exam puzzles! Now I have a month's time as preparation holidays! At least, I can blog regularly.

And I'm pretty excited because it's Time for a Grand Celebration! It's DIWALI - The festival of Lights. This is one of the most prosperous festival. On this day, people wear new clothes and light the diya(earthen lamp) and pray to God for having a prosperous.

What I like in Diwali is that, I can add few outfits into my closet and i will burst crackers till I'm tired of it :) Why do we burst crackers ? The sound of the firecrackers is heard by the Gods and this lets them know that the people in earth are happy and prosperous!

The festival is day after tomorrow and I have to start cleaning my room and buy something new and decorate my room and think about a wish to make on that day!(hmmm.. I wish I had a boy friend for a few days who would help me do all these things :P)


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

5 beautiful things!

Hi guys.. Yes, I'm alive.. I had to write tests the whole week and i came online just to visit blogs, and my condition is pretty pathetic! I hope you are all having a wonderful week.

Its Wednesday , so its about something thats beautiful, and this week i was inspired by Dew Drops! Every time it rains , I go to my garden and look at them and play with them. Here are some pictures i found,

All images from weheartit

Aren't they divine??
I will catch up with you guys pretty soon .. and also try to blog regularly!My university exams are next week, so guys , wish me luck! Have a lovely week everyone!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

5 beautiful things

I’m going to post 5 lovely photos that inspire me in any topic every week! This week it is about Umbrella!

All images from weheartit
SOURCE :Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5

Have a lovely Thrusday dear friends!! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just Something!

I had the busiest weeks ever! I had no time to even text my friends or chat with them, I was filling my record pages and writing assignments and I did all the work that an engineering student will do! I have never spent two weeks so fast! I’m really sorry for not visiting your blogs; I will do that pretty soon. I wanted to do something to keep me blogging regularly, and I don’t know how to do that, somebody help me to do that!

I have no idea what to post now, so I’m going to post some silly, please forgive me for that! I have read a book recently which has this opening poem,

Sing me no songs of daylight,

For the sun is the enemy of lovers.

Sing instead of shadows and darkness,

And the memories of midnight


I find this petite opening poem very romantic! If you are a fan of Sidney Sheldon then you would have probably recognized it. I love to read books and I don’t sleep properly till I reach the end. The book becomes my world. And I’m a DIE HARD FAN OF SIDNEY SHELDON.

He is an amazing author and has written page-turning thrillers. In his books, the women plays the lead role and that’s something I love. Women in his books are bold, beautiful and very determined and know what they want. They are strong where they should be and are weak where they should be! And you will find some of your traits in the women in his books and that keeps you reading till the end.

I read his book RAGE OF ANGELS and I have to tell you I couldn’t stop thinking about the lady Jennifer Parker, in that book. I also had strange dreams about her. If you are a girl I suggest you to read Sidney Sheldon’s books! Some people say they are bored of his books, but I always find them breath taking! Some of his books that I loved are TELL ME YOUR DREAMS, MASTER OF THE GAME, RAGE OF ANGELS, WIND MILLS OF GODS and ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?

Okay I stop here. Hope I didn’t bore you guys! And I need a help from you.. if you are book lovers please suggest me some good authors. HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK DEAR FRIENDS…!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tags - Honest things About me!

My week has been spent so fast, and this weekend I’m watching movies and reading books and making my cup of delicious coffee, I know it is kind of lazy but I’m enjoying my time.

Tagged Again by two of my favorite bloggers!! Rose gave me a Badge… and I don’t know what to say! It’s The Honest Scrap!! Thanks Rose, you are very sweet! And Shankar has tagged me with another interesting tag!! Thanks Shankar, your tags keep my blog alive :D

First tag from Rose! Here are the 10 honest things about me!

I’m always restless; I hate to sit in one place for a long time!

I hate when a guy talks like a saint, honestly most the guys I meet are Saints!!

I love Johnny Depp too much! My madness over him makes me to say, “Yeah, I have a boyfriend and he is Johnny Depp!” I can’t help it

I’m a big dreamer, I dream too much and sometimes I can’t simply can’t sleep even if I sleep my mind is awake!

I can’t sleep without hugging my teddy bear, with him beside me I feel very confident!

I love to experiment with my hair, in my 10th grade I had a Boy Cut and I was fat. Right now I’m having long hair and I’m slender.

I fight with my mom and after I cool down, I kiss her and I say “I’m sorry!"

After visiting Couture Carrie, I’m obsessed about shoes and handbags!

I’m a bathroom singer! I can’t shower without the music ON!

I’m a “Lord of the Rings” freak! I watched that movie more than a 100 times!

I tag Shankar( I know you got this Badge), Arjun(he is honest and can make something out of nothing), Star(my favorite blogger), and Nancy-Lover of Life (the Friendly blogger).

Next comes the Brand Tag – Tagged by Shankar

I have to list out the brands that I use day to day in my life! Here is my list,

Laptop -Hp notebook “The Computer is Personal Again”– I love my laptop, it’s black and Beautiful!

My mobile- Nokia “Connecting people”.

My shoes - Addidas

My jeans – Pepe

My watch - Fast track “Move On Man"

Web browser- Google Chrome

Television – Sony Bravia

Camera - Sony Cyber shot

Face wash – Amway “We are listening”

Lip balm- Nivea

Congrats winners and Happy Sunday and have a great week!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm An Addict

I asked my mom “Are you addicted to anything?” she replied “no dear.. Nothing”. I asked me sister the same Question and she replied the same. And I asked a friend of mine the same Q .. and he answered “internet”. And I’m glad to have a partner because I’m an addict, a Seasonal addict to be honest! My addiction keeps changing every season and this season it is two things..


I love to make my coffee.. I won’t say that I make a good coffee and I have no idea that someone else will like it .. but I love my coffee.. with little sugar and the right quantity of coffee power , I enjoy every sip till the end of my cup! It really relaxes my mind and kills my time.. I have my coffee when I’m home alone. But I used to hate coffee long back.. it was my friend who made me to fall in love with it.

2.Coca Cola

Coming to coke….. I don’t know from whom I burrowed this addiction. My Sundays are empty with out coca cola. They really brighten up my lunch, it’s like a way to heaven for my stomach!

They both are driving me crazy and I really love being so .. Can’t help to get them out of my mind!

And this is a big issue to my mother. She hates coffee and coke.. She says both are not good for health and this becomes a minor issue if I drink any one of them …. Well I have to ask you guys this Q.. “Is it bad being an addict??”

As I said I’m a seasonal addict, my list keeps changing.. Last time it was books and mobile texting and I don’t know what’s going to be next…

So here is your Question.. Are you addicted to anything other than blogging? If so .. what’s that?

(picture courtesy from: weheartit)

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