Thursday, March 26, 2009

My College life !

Every person in this world would have enjoyed the college life. But I say .. 3rd cse in SMVEC wouldn’t have ! My institution is dry .. as dry as the Sahara desert.. .. dry in everything.. no smart guys, no good teachers, no systems.. and the important thing is there are nothing like “SPORTS DAYS, FRESHER’S DAY PARTY, CULTURALS, SYMPOSIUM, AND COLLEGE DAY”. My college sucks , isn’t ? And just because we got a week holiday during the LTTE problem, from 7x 5 hrs a week to 8x6 hrs and no more ”Saturday holiday”!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggrrrrrrrr.. I really feel like screaming at my principal.. teachers hate taking classes even they feel tired moreover we do nothing useful there, most of the time we chat or else read books else sleep , sing !! And I do all these things sitting in the first bench…. I enjoy sitting there.. I thought last bench is a good place to hide from lectures.. but I was wrong.. 1st bench is the place for escapist like me !! Our daily routine is like this.. wake up.. go to clg.. warm up the bench , act like a you can understand whatever they say and return home and sleep. It sounds easy but 3 years doing the same thing has placed me in a different state and I dunno who to explain that.

I sit wit my gang.. the most craziest one where each one is a different species. Sandy , DIMs, GD1, Sundu and Maups !!! Cool nicknames aren’t they ? Our favorite hang out spots are beach, Richy Rich and a Pani puri shop(wherever we find them)!!! And our happiest period in college is THE LUNCH BREAK. As soon as we open our lunch boxes we dunno what we eat and into whose box our hands are in !!! according to my sense everything we eat is delicious !! This is the only amazing moment in my college !

And I m very sad that none has ragged me properly in my college. All my seniors are cowards and waste fellas. None worth talking…. And also worth messaging. I m still a pre final year.. and going to college is the last thing I want to do ! But I have to bear 10 more days to become a final year.. I wish all these 10 days are spent in a peaceful way…. There is a farewell party this Sunday !! I m going to miss my seniors. Every one of them… mahas , sam, kums, GM lotz.. ….

3 years of my precious life has been wasted and one more year will end up in the same way… wish me luck to change my last year of my college my life….

Dee Dee here J

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Two Dusks

In my life I have seen only two beautiful sunsets… just two.. the first one is in kerela .. and the second one is in kumbakonum…. I saw my first sunset with my family… and second was with my friends.. both are rocking memories in my life and the best buddies beside me .. I was never sure which one is the best .. I love both a lot.. so help me with this.. tell me which one is good?

A)Sun and ocean

B)Sun and trees


(click the pictures to have a clear view)

A) (sun and ocean)

B)(sun and trees)

vote for the best !!
Dee Dee here... :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Friends forever….

Whenever I hear the word friendship I remember my best friend –Aarathi and the times we spent together … we both knew each other rite 4m the age of 6. She was on the other side of the road den .. wen we were in 4th she shifted her house and tatz how our long frndship begun.. we play lotz of games.. and neva do anything separately.. good pranksters we are !The habit of bursting bombs.. and playin shuttle was introduced to me by her.. we both commit mistakes at de same time… n neva do a thing alone even itz a good or a bad deed!.. we both look alike cuz of our boy cuts and also are similar in height.

Many mistake us as sisters… and we ver also so close to each other.. we also had one more gal in our gang itz narmadha….. a gang of three.. it was one of our best days in our life time… we study at the same time .. take tests, scold each other.. go to tuition …. riding cycle was one of our best plays.. and dancing for a Spanish song.. wow ! I still can remember the way we three were moving our hips for the song.. but I don remember the song we danced for. .. wen I was in 7th I shifted my house to a different locality yet our frndship didn’t end.. den 10th and 12th became unforgettable moments of our life..

(Aarathi , me with my little brother and my sister)

In my 12th std I was staying in her house for almost 4 months.. and it was one of the best moment wit her.. I came to knw lot bout her… and we came to knw tat we both think alike in many ways.. and she is very creative…. Good in painting and writing poems…. 12th was the period where we two shared our most hurting feelings in life and bcame the thickest frnds… everything was goin on 5n.. but suddenly in our clg 2nd yr.. there was a small communication gap.. and we both hardly meet each other and there was no contact.. I missed her as much as she missed me.. in February 2009 I met all my old friends… I messaged her.. and v both started to talk .. and on 22nd feb we made it to beach and had a superb time together.. both felt how much we missed each other… aarthi is the one friend I can never forget and my best friend forever. I share all my feelings and my thoughts and our wavelengths are in the same frequency ! I share a very long bond wit her.. and none in my life can replace her position…. Each person had a special friend in their life.. too close and so intimate..and so is this gal.. she creates a different impression in everybody’s life and she did so in mine too….. I also meet narmadha in feb… it was a different experience cause it was something unexpected tat happened in three of our lives.

All I wanna say is.. there will be some silly quarrel wit ur frnds and we don talk wit dem but miss them so much tat we never express outside.. so better talk wit them .. and if u are sorry .. tell them tat u are, even if u are nt, be sorry … don miss ur friends and also the person who loves u !

Dee Dee here.....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Lovely Suprise :)

March 12th is a surprising day for Anila and a hectic day for all my friends… I ve a huge gang in my class, and we are 8 in number.. each person has a nick name and tatz how we call each other.. a week b4 all in my gang had planned to throw a surprise Bday party to the Bday baby Anila(GD1)…. the surprise was to be held at DIM’s but the plan din work out cuz of my leg and so the Plan B was my home . The cake has been ordered and it was BLACKFOREST cuz GD1 simply luvs it !!!!!! ( Her mouth starts to water as soon as she hears this word) wen all de preparations were done and ready there was again a change of plan !.. oh god we thought der wont b a party .. cuz GD1 refused to come to my home cuz she had to go and get the blessings of sumone ….. dis shudnt happen.. so v called her mom and said bout our plan .. and then everybody went to the Bday baby’s house while she was out busy wit blessings and arranged her messy room and we did all tat we cud do to make it luk surprising…..

We forgot candles and asked her mom but she had one.. .. we parked our vehicles in a place tat she cant see and we hided our slippers….

(nice cake nah.. even my mouth started watering)

All the time we were in her room but she had no idea tat her frnds were in her home.. when we almost completed 50% she came home… yet she din knw thanx to her sis and parents.. wen she came to her room .. de room was shining wit the one candle wit all other lights off !!!!..

(A Bday cake wit few candles.. howzz it?)

she was blinking din knw wat happened to her room .. cuz we were hiding behind the door and sum behind the shelf.. .. all together we shouted “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANILA” and she was stunned … and then the lights were on !

(This is wat the Bday gal saw and was stunned)

she was delighted to see SONDU cuz she is very far from her place.. and was happy to see me .. cuz of my ankle pain .. .. we spent our time merrily after that eating puffs and cakes and also drank sum juice.. GD1 luved the dress tat we presented…. She neva expected any of us to do a thing like tat and she thanked everyone for givin a wonderful 20th Birthday surprise !!...

Surprises are always beautiful .. and wen itz on a special day .. the heart gets delighted :)

Dee Dee here ..

Monday, March 9, 2009

do i deserve this???

Sleeping alone at nights in my petit room wit lights off and AC on I end up with terrible nightmares. The same happened last night.. so I wanted to make my room noisy, i turned on the music… I went to de kitchen wit my eyes half open and my mind on the music to drink sum water.. de song was my favorite ...”my heart is beating”. I was not able to control my feet .. so I started to dance… none was there to stop me from dancing.. when I wanted to turn my leg for an amazing step.. something unexpected happened.. tat I fell on the ground and wit a cry of pain… it was only after that I was back to my senses and I realized tat my ankle was twisted and de pain was terrible. :(

I never thought a dance at midnight would cause a ligament tear and my leg to be plastered and no college for a week !!!.. This is worst than the nightmare I had that night. Now I can neither dance nor walk…. The irony is that this happened on WOMAN’S DAY !!.. oh god.. do I really deserve this !

Now I’m glued to bed , shud not move around and I feel like a 4 kg huge white rock is tied wit my leg!!.. dis is one of the terrible day and it is gonnu be a terrible week ! even now I’m listening to that song wit caused me so much agony!

DeeDee here !!

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