Thursday, April 30, 2009

When i am reborn i wanted to be......

According to me, completing a 800 pages technical book in a day and writing a exam  about that the next day is a Great Achievement! This is what every engineering student in India does just before the day of exam.

And I was in this critical situation for a week! Last night when I was exhausted studying, I closed my eyes and prayed “please please please God.. I don’t want to be a human when I’m reborn. I’m killing my Precious sleep and time by studying and writing and kindly change me into a Dolphin so that I can keep swimming for hours together “.

For few minutes I imagined myself as a dolphin and I started to swim and play in water….

After I opened my eyes I saw this big book staring at me and yelling “ you have 5 chapters left”. And this morning  I wrote the exam breaking my fingers….. Even in the examination hall I did not care about the answers i was writing but was imagining about the dolphin dance.

 At last my important exams are over. And I'm free.. and I‘m happily thinking about the dolphin.. I really wanted to be a dolphin in my next birth… never a human!!        

Watch this video:

you will really enjoy the way dolphin plays.

okay here is your Question: What do u wanna Be in your next birth?

Friday, April 24, 2009

The majestic temple

I went to a temple recently and i felt like sharing it to everyone…. The Brihadishwara Temple at Thanjavur which is near my hometown is the world’s first Granite Temple. It remains as one of the greatest glories of the Indian architecture. This temple is a part of great UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its built by the king Rajaraja Chola-I and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

This is the temple gateway.

The view of the temple from the entrance.

Its built on 11th century AD. The “temple tower” is 66m (216 ft) high. The “Shikhara” of the structure at the top is a monolithic granite which weighs 81.25 tons. When my guide said about these figures I was speechless. I still cant understand how the Shikhara was taken to the top! The is considered to be the tallest temple in the world. The entire temple is made of hard granite stones. Just imagine how many days’ work it should have been…. I have learnt about its greatness right from my school days.. but I never know this will be so majestic. So I grabbed the camera and started to take pictures in every possible angle.

This is the Big Temple.

I tried to focus on the top and this is what i get.

A rear view of the temple.

These are some of the Guardian temples surrounding it.

This is the Nandi or the Sacred Bull carved out of a single rock which is 16 ft ht and 13 ft long.

(click on the pictures you like to have an clear view)
I was thrilled when i was look at this wonder peice. So what do you think?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The traditional wear

Indians are famous for the bright colors(orange , red , yellow) and sarees. Sarees are the traditional Indian dress and they make women look very graceful. One more traditional dress is the “gagara”

Here are few traditional wears displayed at the lakme India fashion week !

These are some bright colored western wears !!

I loved this collection .. its just red, yellow and orange with golden work on it ! i loved every piece! what about you?

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Barbie collection!!!

Its time for fashion.. I m glued to my couch watching the Lakme India fashion week! This time the everything is different.. I loved the Barbie collection! Its all pink and white.. so pleasant to see and wear… I hope to get one soon.. And the best part of this collection is that Katrina Kaif the hottest woman in Bollywood is Miss. Barbie. The collection has an Indian touch.. Just have a look at it..

Katrina Kaif - Miss.Barbie.

The princess

pink and orange!

elegant white

hot black

star queen

pretty white

simply graceful

i love the hat!!!

the kid is really cool!

so hows collection ?? i dunno the price of any piece :(

Saturday, April 18, 2009


At last I have fewer burdens to bear. All my lab exams are over and I am glad that nothing idiotic happened this time. But all these happiness can only be at heart, because my skin has started to burn. Its just mid April and the heat is sucking the liquid within me. I think my blood is boiling deep inside. It sweats in an air conditioner room :( This sun hits me directly over my head and so I end up singing

Hot summer streets and the pavements are burning I sit around

Trying to smile but the air is so heavy and dry

Strange voices are saying (AHHH what did they say?)

Things I can't understand

It's too close for comfort this heat has got right out of hand

It's a cruel (cruel) cruel summer

Leaving me here on my own

It's a cruel (it's a cruel) cruel summer

Now you're gone you're not the only one it's a cruel

By Ace of Base

Oh yes! It’s a cruel summer!!!! This song suits my situation. This is only Mid April and May is yet to come, I think I will be roasted a chicken then. The best place to hide from this problem might be my refrigerator or take a bath with a 1000 ice cubes everyday, what do you think? Help me! Tell me what to do ? watch this song.. its awesome!

Monday, April 13, 2009

3 days of hell !!

I’m on cloud nine now.. all my records are signed without any trouble !!!.. gr8 work .. so my record season is over.. but I have one more problem to deal with… and I might face hell .. it’s the lab exams..oh god I dunno what I m gonnu do .. I hate lab exams to the core.. and especially the “VIVA” part in the examination..

(<-- this is how i might sit infornt of the system on my lab exams)

I never feared exams.. But this time I feel like I m gonnu face a threat.. The problem is that I was never awake in single lab this semester.. I end up sleeping on my friend’s shoulders. And I have no idea what happened in these labs.. hmmm .. but still I don feel like preparing but just watch movies..

3 days baby ! 3 days of hell is ahead of me ! so please please please wish me luck and also all my classmates who are gonnu face the period of hell .. we need luck and only luck this week..

And happy new year guys !! (Tamil new year).. have a colorful day ..

Dee Dee here

Friday, April 3, 2009

Recxam month !!

Its April and its my recxam (record + exam) month. This month I have to do fill up my record pages and prepare how to cook stories for my university exams. Its gonnu be a hectic month for me. My deadline to submit all the three records is on Monday(6th ) and my records look brand new. I dunno what I’m gonnu do .. I ll surely miss my blog. This month lectures would show their power and we have to prove them that we are nothing without them ‘cause we need their signature and we should follow them as if we are their tails till we get all our pages filled with their red ink. I should have better gone to acting classes and then do engineering. At Recxam our lectures become kings and queens and we become their slaves.

But I have one gr8 news!! Tomorrow is the last working day for this semester and then we are final years! And I was in air as soon as they announced this wonderful news and all were enjoying the moment as the driest period of our lives come to an end. I hope it ends by this semester.

My room looks shabby with papers flying all over and my mom shouting at me saying I am useless. I hate lab exams. Guys wish me luck, I shall be sick without it !

Dee Dee here… !!

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