Saturday, April 18, 2009


At last I have fewer burdens to bear. All my lab exams are over and I am glad that nothing idiotic happened this time. But all these happiness can only be at heart, because my skin has started to burn. Its just mid April and the heat is sucking the liquid within me. I think my blood is boiling deep inside. It sweats in an air conditioner room :( This sun hits me directly over my head and so I end up singing

Hot summer streets and the pavements are burning I sit around

Trying to smile but the air is so heavy and dry

Strange voices are saying (AHHH what did they say?)

Things I can't understand

It's too close for comfort this heat has got right out of hand

It's a cruel (cruel) cruel summer

Leaving me here on my own

It's a cruel (it's a cruel) cruel summer

Now you're gone you're not the only one it's a cruel

By Ace of Base

Oh yes! It’s a cruel summer!!!! This song suits my situation. This is only Mid April and May is yet to come, I think I will be roasted a chicken then. The best place to hide from this problem might be my refrigerator or take a bath with a 1000 ice cubes everyday, what do you think? Help me! Tell me what to do ? watch this song.. its awesome!


DEXTER said...

i think all of us will end up roasted chicken buddy!! thank god my exams went great as well

DEXTER said...

and cheers for ur doin well in exams!!

Goofy Girl said...

Yay for your exams!!

Keep cool by drinking lots of cold water! I don't know how much it will help if it's really hot out!

pranksygang said...

thanks dexter.. the worst time is over for us..

pranksygang said...

thanks goofy gal.. thats a nice tip!

down and out chic said...

oh no, i hope you're able to cool off soon! i don't have any tips for you (sorry but i sweat a lot during the summers here).

Lover of Life said...

I don't like heat either. I use a spray bottle to "mist" myself when it is just too hot. Congrats on the good work on your exams!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

I live in Hong Kong and feel your pain!!

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