Monday, April 13, 2009

3 days of hell !!

I’m on cloud nine now.. all my records are signed without any trouble !!!.. gr8 work .. so my record season is over.. but I have one more problem to deal with… and I might face hell .. it’s the lab exams..oh god I dunno what I m gonnu do .. I hate lab exams to the core.. and especially the “VIVA” part in the examination..

(<-- this is how i might sit infornt of the system on my lab exams)

I never feared exams.. But this time I feel like I m gonnu face a threat.. The problem is that I was never awake in single lab this semester.. I end up sleeping on my friend’s shoulders. And I have no idea what happened in these labs.. hmmm .. but still I don feel like preparing but just watch movies..

3 days baby ! 3 days of hell is ahead of me ! so please please please wish me luck and also all my classmates who are gonnu face the period of hell .. we need luck and only luck this week..

And happy new year guys !! (Tamil new year).. have a colorful day ..

Dee Dee here


DEXTER said...

hey!! wish u luck buddy! hope u don sleep on the examiner's shoulder!!

DEXTER said...

wish u a happy new year!

pranksygang said...

hope i don do that dex !!!

and same to u ..

Goofy Girl said...

Best of luck with the exams!!

Pop Champagne said...

good luck! I'm sure you'll do great!

arun said...

lab iruntha athukku viva irukkum tha.... bayam arivan... jolly aah poittu exam eludithu va... lol!~

pranksygang said...

thanks arun.. i hope i do my last exam well

My Castle in Spain said...

congrats and wishing you good luck for your lab exams !
and...Happy new year to you !

Lover of Life said...

Sending you lots of luck!!

Your comment made me laugh today on my blog! Thanks!

kalztheplayboy said...

i think ur lab exam is over now:)
gud luck..

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