Thursday, April 30, 2009

When i am reborn i wanted to be......

According to me, completing a 800 pages technical book in a day and writing a exam  about that the next day is a Great Achievement! This is what every engineering student in India does just before the day of exam.

And I was in this critical situation for a week! Last night when I was exhausted studying, I closed my eyes and prayed “please please please God.. I don’t want to be a human when I’m reborn. I’m killing my Precious sleep and time by studying and writing and kindly change me into a Dolphin so that I can keep swimming for hours together “.

For few minutes I imagined myself as a dolphin and I started to swim and play in water….

After I opened my eyes I saw this big book staring at me and yelling “ you have 5 chapters left”. And this morning  I wrote the exam breaking my fingers….. Even in the examination hall I did not care about the answers i was writing but was imagining about the dolphin dance.

 At last my important exams are over. And I'm free.. and I‘m happily thinking about the dolphin.. I really wanted to be a dolphin in my next birth… never a human!!        

Watch this video:

you will really enjoy the way dolphin plays.

okay here is your Question: What do u wanna Be in your next birth?


Elizabeth said...

Greetings from New york

Couture Carrie said...

Hmmmmmm interesting query! I think I'd like to be reborn as a swimming creature too, maybe an orca?


Pop Champagne said...

hmm dolphins! I always wanted to be an eagle or something and fly around haha

DEXTER said...

ah ah!! eagle s great! i guess i'd wanna be a lion!! adventurous n hard working!!

Anonymous said...

hey swetha u didn't do ur exams well?
idiot till nite 2 o clock u were studyin .monkey that too i was sittin with u while u were studyin till late nite

Anonymous said...

alrite baby i want to be a pussy cat .a cute little pussy cat
no no act i want to be an ELF

Couture Carrie said...

P.S. Be sure to stop by my blog, as I am having a contest today :)


Star said...

What a wonderful film about the dolphins. I enjoyed it so much! If I were to be reincarnated, I would like to be a tree, to stand and watch the world go by for at least a hundred years...

Have a good summer, without the restrictions of your exams.

Blessings, Star

My Castle in Spain said...

oh..i'd love to be reborn in a lovely!

pranksygang said...

Couture- orca is beautiful!! its fashionable like you!

Pop- eagle?? really??.. many don prefer that.. good choice !! you are a brave girl!

Dexter- oh dex... lion?? hhahhah! u??.. pls yar.. try to choice something.. i think you should select something white!

Anonymous- hey sis.. pussy cat suits you! cause you look like that.... elf?? like in harry potter? you wanted to be dobby's cousin?? ha ha ha :)

Star- i love your choice!..

spain- thanks for choosing that..

Anonymous said...

hey u.........i said ELF like in LORD OF THE RINGS .not Harry Potter

K @ Blog Goggles said...


I'd like to be a pet dog. They have a pretty easy life :)

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