Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And The Award Goes To........

Its been a wonderful trip for me in my life…. and I had the best summer ever.. I have also met new friends this time and they are the loveliest persons on this earth.. .. each and every person is of a different kind. I want to remember them for ever and introduce them to everyone in my blogging world..

I dedicate this article to all my friends around the world esp my blog friends for their support and encouragement and to my fellow villagers! Since my new friends are to be rewarded for being good to me,I decide it is time to give some of my favorite ones to their own unique sobriquets!

First and four most it’s my dear friend Shweta! She is my cousin and we both share the same name and thoughts. We haven’t meet each since two years and this trip has made us both soooooooo close and not to mention we did lots of naught things this time. She is the cutest gal in my family!

She deserves the “Award for Being the Silent Cat with the Cutest Smile Ever Possible “!

Second its Thamesh. He is one of the most funniest man I have ever seen! Meeting this fellow was so much fun. He looks funny and he talks funny! He lies in such a way that we all believe he is saying the truth! This left hander is also a gr8 cook. He made one of the most delicious dish ever. I envy his wife cause he can cook well ! All I can say is,” He is too hilarious for his wife”.

He gets “Award For Preparing the Best Dish In My Village”

Next comes Ramya. Honestly I wouldn’t have survived the last 4 days without her. She was so helpful rite from the day I met her! I love her cute voice and her eyes! And she gave me lovely green bangles and they are worth millions!

“Award For Having The Most Cute Voice With a Kiddish Essence “ but I think she deserves “Award For Spending Time With Me” (because that’s a bit tough when the time spender is a gal)

(sorry guys I'm not able to show you Ramya's pic)

I want you to know the best entertainer in the world. He is my uncle. The wedding would have been incomplete without his jokes and actions… He is a brilliant actor , a worst dancer and a terrible singer.. And with these mind blowing combinations he makes you laugh till you feel the pain in your cheeks and stomach. He will makes us “Laugh Tearfully”. He is good in making you cry laughing!

He deserves “Award For Shaking The Ass Amazingly On My Birthday”

I cant forget Madhavi .. the most cheerful lady among us! She is down to earth and very comfortable to share your deepest sorrows. We used to spend nights talking and laughing and dancing ….if it was not her.. we would have been happily sleeping..

So I give her “Award For Most Devilishly Sexy Smile… Ever”

I want to introduce you to my best buddy .. Nani.. he is in his 8th grade and he is also attracted to my mobile! He is a cool guy to hang out! He gave me company whenever I feel like having a long walk!

So for him its “Award For Getting Attracted To My Gameless Mobile "

Buji is the dazzling women in my town! She sings well.. she is a gr8 dancer and oh god.. she is good in embroidery work…. She became one of my best friend in very few days! I love her kids and the way she designs her hair..

She deserves the “Award For Wearing The Most Colorful Bangles Ever”

The last but not the least it’s my Boyfriend Cheran …. He is my First boyfriend and he proposed to me in the most lovely way.. Ah I never thought I could attract a boy with my dirty mobile! If I give him my mobile he would fly kisses to my face.. But the sad part is that I’m his 2nd girl and the 1st is my cousin Shweta. But secret kisses at night sums it up!

I give him “Award For Giving Me The Sweetest Kiss Ever”

Doesn't he look Handsome??

As none are giving me any awards I think I have to frame on for myself…. I will give me “Award For Capturing The Best Moments In My Village”

Friends I have one Question to ask.. What award do u think I deserve???

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm back !

I M BACK!!! I can’t believe that I’m back. I had such a beautiful time. I can say that I had the best time and the best Birthday ever! Can u believe it? I’m 20!! That’s another shock for me…. I lost my teenage forever and I’m still happy about it! My brother had the best wedding in the town! The place was just loaded with more than 1000 people!

I’m just physical present here but my heart is still floating in my hometown. My hometown is near a famous town called Yanam. It’s a typical village and all the activities happen there makes you feel the depts of life. The houses present are quite different and spectacular! I'm so proud that my uncle owns a wonderful house.

I don’t know what charm it has. Its my favorite place in the world. It’s not crowded or a busy place! The pace is always slow and steady there. If you need to grab some piece of mind this place is the best. All the sweetest memories in my life happened only in that place!!!! People there are so lovely and caring! And the one that I love the most in my hometown is that, no one goes unnoticed. Each and every person living there is given importance and none is left alone!

I wanted to share my lovely village to everyone! Its quite colorful and different.

This is my uncle's house.. this is where i live.

This is my neigbhour's house! the houses here are old fashioned but very strong! it can bear both heat and cold! you can feel warm during the winter and cool during summer!

To have a closer look of the roof....

This is one of my most favorite coffee spot. I always wanna take a sip of coffee under the this tree... but im a "late coffee drinker" so i don have because some else uses this place as a chatting spot :( But i always love watching this tree. This is opposite to my house!
These are some of the popular bikes you can spot in my village!

I couldnt take a good picture of a bullock cart!I ll try to give a clear picture next time. I think this might be the Future Vehicle! 'Cause it needs no Petrol or Diesel. Bullock cart is the major transport here.
Inside the house you can find beautiful things.. the cement floor is painted with flowery designs and they make the house look pretty colorful! (click them it have a color view.. they are very beautiful)

This is chatting spot for my fellow villagers! When the sun sets they talk merrily until they get tired!

When im there i never felt lonely or sad.My time was spent so soon there and I never felt like leaving.When I was about to leave my hometown tears were rolling in my eyes. So i can say that my Favorite place on this earth is my hometown! I m in love with this place from the moment i clapped my eyes on it!

Here is your Question. Do you love any place? if so tell me why?

P.S : I'm physical present here, but my heart is still there floating in Air!

Friday, May 8, 2009

A cool news!

At last I have heard cool news in this hot summer. But this is the best thing I have ever heard in my life! They were two exciting news, and as soon as I heard them I was in cloud nine. The first news was “MY BROTHER IS GETTING MARRIED”!!!! I m looking forward for this news from a very long time.. And as soon as I heard I started to jump around my house. And the second news was that “He is getting married on my BIRTHDAY” ! I was just blinking and didn’t know what to say or what to do. So my Brother is getting married on my birthday! This is the best thing that will happen in my life.

Marriages in India are different.. It’s like a family reunion. We invite all our far distance relatives and we have lots of fun! Each day a traditional event happens. The marriage hall will be loaded with handsome guys and pretty gals in their traditional outfits.

So I m going to meet my cousins and my relatives and just have fun. I m very happy about this incident. But some things are bugging me. I m going to miss all my blog friends who became so close to me within a short period of time and I will miss my blog too. Last but not the least I will miss my teddy bears!!!! Because my home town is a village and he is getting married in that place. There is no internet facility there. So I can’t blog much. Moreover I will be stuck with some work these two weeks. He is getting married on 17th May. I m leaving tomorrow and I will be back on 22nd May.

Miss all you guys! Keep in touch!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tags and Friends!

Life in second half( ) a very positive blog which shares small things in life that make a big difference , tagged me with the following Rules,

1. Tag and link back to the persons who tagged you.

2. List six(un)important things that make you happy.

3. Tag six bloggers and let them know they’re “it”.

I think this is a better way to find new bloggers and form friends.

Six things that make me happy :

· Travelling in a bus.

· Admiring a full moon night.

· Having a long walk with my friends.

· Music

· Watching romantic movies.

· Hugging my teddy bears and sleeping.

The six new bloggers I tag are

· Geri –( )- a blog that shares her fashion.

· Lovely Happenings – ( – a blog that shares about all the lovely things that happen everyday.

· Pop Champagne-( )- a funny blog where each post makes you laugh!

· Goofy girl blog – ( an amazing blog which stuns everyone by the pictures and thoughts.

· Let me help you help me – ( a presentable blog.

· Blog goggles-( a blog about an American gal who is in hong kong.

Thanks for reading! If you want to continue with the fun then just follow the rules! Its not compulsory!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Bekal Fort

I hope everyone had a gr8 weekend!! I have few more things to share about Kerala. The next day we made a trip to The Bekal Fort!!! I have never been to a fort before! This place was beautiful.. it was large and green. I have seen this place a lot of times in movies.. but witnessing it with my naked eyes was a different experience.

Bekal Fort is the biggest fort in Kerala and its spreads over 40 acres. It is more than 300 years old. The design of the fort tells that it has been built only for defence purpose!

This is the viewing tower.

The view of the Fort from the middle of the tower.
A closer view of the above picture.

It has a very long border and the road goes on and on.

The view of the arabian sea from the Fort. This Fort has been built to protect the country from invasion thru sea.

Lately this place has been a major attraction for tourists and nature lovers! I had a nice time taking pictures and listening to stories of this place!
I hope you enjoyed watching these pictures! Have a gr8 week!

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Backwaters!!

In my country each and every place has its own language and culture .. its like a mini Europe where every country has a language!

Recently I made a visit to my neighbor state Kerala! Its famous for its culture, back waters and esp hot gals and boys!! Even I feel in love with this place. People never wanted to miss a boat ride when they step into Kerala!

It was a rainy day, I first went to a tree house

(you will enjoy the pictures when its enlarged.. so just click them)....

then I stepped into the boat to enjoy a ride with the backwaters. It was cool and pleasant sight…

i thought of touching that tree......
i wish someday i own a place here.. it would be a beautiful spot to enjoy the water and nautre..

its a nice fishing spot. Between the train and the water!!

i really wanted to own a boat like this....
my place is famous for crows also........

we had a long long ride..... almost three hours....
I visited many places in kerala.. i ll show them in my next post.... until then have a gr8 weekend!!!!......

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