Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And The Award Goes To........

Its been a wonderful trip for me in my life…. and I had the best summer ever.. I have also met new friends this time and they are the loveliest persons on this earth.. .. each and every person is of a different kind. I want to remember them for ever and introduce them to everyone in my blogging world..

I dedicate this article to all my friends around the world esp my blog friends for their support and encouragement and to my fellow villagers! Since my new friends are to be rewarded for being good to me,I decide it is time to give some of my favorite ones to their own unique sobriquets!

First and four most it’s my dear friend Shweta! She is my cousin and we both share the same name and thoughts. We haven’t meet each since two years and this trip has made us both soooooooo close and not to mention we did lots of naught things this time. She is the cutest gal in my family!

She deserves the “Award for Being the Silent Cat with the Cutest Smile Ever Possible “!

Second its Thamesh. He is one of the most funniest man I have ever seen! Meeting this fellow was so much fun. He looks funny and he talks funny! He lies in such a way that we all believe he is saying the truth! This left hander is also a gr8 cook. He made one of the most delicious dish ever. I envy his wife cause he can cook well ! All I can say is,” He is too hilarious for his wife”.

He gets “Award For Preparing the Best Dish In My Village”

Next comes Ramya. Honestly I wouldn’t have survived the last 4 days without her. She was so helpful rite from the day I met her! I love her cute voice and her eyes! And she gave me lovely green bangles and they are worth millions!

“Award For Having The Most Cute Voice With a Kiddish Essence “ but I think she deserves “Award For Spending Time With Me” (because that’s a bit tough when the time spender is a gal)

(sorry guys I'm not able to show you Ramya's pic)

I want you to know the best entertainer in the world. He is my uncle. The wedding would have been incomplete without his jokes and actions… He is a brilliant actor , a worst dancer and a terrible singer.. And with these mind blowing combinations he makes you laugh till you feel the pain in your cheeks and stomach. He will makes us “Laugh Tearfully”. He is good in making you cry laughing!

He deserves “Award For Shaking The Ass Amazingly On My Birthday”

I cant forget Madhavi .. the most cheerful lady among us! She is down to earth and very comfortable to share your deepest sorrows. We used to spend nights talking and laughing and dancing ….if it was not her.. we would have been happily sleeping..

So I give her “Award For Most Devilishly Sexy Smile… Ever”

I want to introduce you to my best buddy .. Nani.. he is in his 8th grade and he is also attracted to my mobile! He is a cool guy to hang out! He gave me company whenever I feel like having a long walk!

So for him its “Award For Getting Attracted To My Gameless Mobile "

Buji is the dazzling women in my town! She sings well.. she is a gr8 dancer and oh god.. she is good in embroidery work…. She became one of my best friend in very few days! I love her kids and the way she designs her hair..

She deserves the “Award For Wearing The Most Colorful Bangles Ever”

The last but not the least it’s my Boyfriend Cheran …. He is my First boyfriend and he proposed to me in the most lovely way.. Ah I never thought I could attract a boy with my dirty mobile! If I give him my mobile he would fly kisses to my face.. But the sad part is that I’m his 2nd girl and the 1st is my cousin Shweta. But secret kisses at night sums it up!

I give him “Award For Giving Me The Sweetest Kiss Ever”

Doesn't he look Handsome??

As none are giving me any awards I think I have to frame on for myself…. I will give me “Award For Capturing The Best Moments In My Village”

Friends I have one Question to ask.. What award do u think I deserve???


DEXTER said...

hey dear thats a wonderful article. cheers for having a trip of a lifetime. n hope u have such a trip each year!!
coming to the award part..
u sure deserve the award for "impressing n bein impressed by your village". it sure is a beautiful place and half the credit goes to your beautiful way of explaining its beauty!!!!

Pop Champagne said...

I think you get an award for being the nicest sweetest girl in your village! love the colorful bongos! :)

Sneha said...

my dear sis .i don't think u deserve any award .it is always other who deserves it more then u .
Swetha.not u .i mean our my frd Swetha.she is too gud .and so sweet .i like her so much .v became close then the other times .it was really superb with her .....and then Thamesh .my god i can never forget him .i like him so much .he became close and very gud frd of mine in a few days...very funny and a nice guy 2 be with ..then Ramya u said a very cute gal .with a cute voice ...she also became close 2 me .then comes Vasu mama.god no need 2 tell abt him ra.......then Madhavi akka.she is so so gud .and so caring .i have never seen such a wonderful person like her.she is also too gud .Nani .very very bad boy.always fightin.but i just like him so much ....and then Buji sweet .as u said a superb dancer and a superb singer .can never forget her....and then Charan .hey he is my boy frd too..but very bad i m his 3rd gf ..its ok .no problem bf is sooooooo cute .Swetha my dear sis .u no wht this time even we became closer .i don;t no wht u think .but it is true dear..i can never forget anyone of these pll....and the grt time we had there .and the time we all spent there god.....

Jo said...

What a fun post! You have some wonderful people in your life.

“Award For Shaking The Ass Amazingly On My Birthday” That has to be the BEST award, and one day I aspire to win it too. *heh*

Have a great day, and thanks for making me smile.

Star said...

I think you must be the sweetest girl in the village because you are always thinking of other people and seeing the best in life.
Blessings, Star

DEXTER said...

oye i didn notice ur boyfrnd before!! plannin to get all guys jelous of him huh sweet girl!!??

down and out chic said...

what a sweet post and i love that you came up with such fun awards for everyone. i should receive an award for getting out of bed this morning...seriously.

Couture Carrie said...

Such a sweet post!

I think you deserve the "much loved" award because your photos show how much you care for your subjects and vice versa.

Beautiful bracelets, by the way!


Nicole Marie said...

aww such a sweet post

pranksygang said...

Dexter,Pop, Sneha- thanks a lot...

Jo- its very easy to win this award... you have to dance well on my Birthday party!

Star- thanks a lot.. you really understand me well..

Down out and chic- i think you deserve that award!

couture carrie, Nicole- thank you guys!

arun said...

who s tat gal in de last pic wid a cam in her hand? hmmm... got afraid whn i saw tat pic... OMG!~

Hilary said...

What a cute idea for a post. So I think you should get the award for an original blog post. Awards to people in real life. :) Thanks for your visit to my blog.

Rose said...

Your post is adorable. :)
I think you deserve the 'Award for bringing a piece of sunshine to the world'.

You seem to be doing exactly that! :)
Well done!

naga said...

thanku so much for ur sweet award dear sise

Lover of Life said...

This was an adorable and fun post. Thank you so much for letting us get to know some of your friends a little better. Your world sounds full of life and love. It doesn't get any better than that!

Hummm I deserve an award for the pesto I made tonight for tomorrow night's dinner so the basil could be used. I really wanted to go read...

La Marquise des anges said...

I don't know you enough yet ... but you really look like the sweetest girl ever ;) :)

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Aww, that's such a sweet post! Your friends look lovely. Where would we be without them??

Eeli said...

I fall in love more with your blog every time I come on a nd read it. Such a wonderfully bright, energetic and entertaining escape from my humdrum life. So thankyou! As for YOUR award? Would it be too much to say that you would have one of the most entertaining personal blogs that I've come across. Doesn't sound impressive but it is! It is!

PS your boy is a cutie ;) Definately handsome :)


pranksygang said...

thanks a lot dear friends.... you gave me some incredible awards ever.. i love all u!!

Dreamer said...

I can give u an "Award for inspiring others".. I recently started reading blogs and came across ur blog.. i understood that even from simple subjects we can make wonderful and creative blogs.. btw ur boyfriend is ur boyfriend getting married ? :P

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