Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The days before Wedding

Wedding is considered as a festival in every Indian family. The place would be loaded with more than 1000 people and everybody are gathered to witness the holy ritual! And my brother’s wedding is considered as the” wedding of the decade”!

Our folks gathered 10 days before and each and everyday we did something new which fulfilled our heart. None was left alone and we never had time to feel our loneliness.

As soon as the sun rised we felt like a huge surprise is waiting for us to do something creative to make the wedding a grand success! And so we did.

In marriage “COOKING” is the one issue where everyone breaks their head! But we never had a chance to do that.

What did we do the days before wedding???

We got up early and we planned the menu for the breakfast! So the making of the “Puris” (one of the favorite dish in south India).This big work is divided into parts and everyone is engaged with some job.

These turned out to be the best puris ever tasted... they were so crispy!

My cousin – a gr8 chef in my family is doing some cooking!
My Aunt , she was in charge of the vegetables section

Look at the amount of onions!! oh god!! she is gr8 in cutting them fast.

The section of sweet and savories – look at the ladies making those golden balls!!

And this fellow was handling the “liquid section”. His main job was to take taken care of tea and coffee! Even in this snap you can see him with a tea flask .

Even the kids loved to work!

At regular intervals my uncle “The Entertainer” (who is a terrible dancer) with his funny moves made us laugh till our cheeks were in pain.

Even the dog had a job to do (sorry I can’t show you the other side of the dog, he never gave a chance to do it, if I take a chance he would bark).

Till evening we made our self busy with something and at nights we sat under trees and make fun of each other. Coconut trees are best place to take a cover.. Night outs are the most memorable parts during the wedding. The smarts and cutes gathered around, we talked and laughed and screamed and danced till we lost our energy and then hit bed ……. And we followed this routine till we left that place.

i enjoyed this wedding to the core! i still remember what i did each and everyday!! i ll surely show the wedding in my next post!


Pop Champagne said...

oooh cool post! And that's a lot of onions, I'd be tearing up for days if I had to deal with all that onions! hehe

Couture Carrie said...

So exciting! Thanks for this glimpse into the celebration!


Lover of Life said...

What wonderful memories. Having the whole family working together makes all the work fun. Thanks for sharing your family and friends with us.

Anonymous said...


Hilary said...

What a beautiful way to share in the joy of a wedding. Lovely photos.

Marco Domingos said...

Hi thanks for the coment, all the photos were took my me :)

Marco Domingos

Pop Champagne said...

haha, well I heard that Megan has a "deflated thumb". So now guys wont' be dreaming of having a hangjob from her. HAHA!

Sneha said...

Swetha .u r that Tom and i m Jerry

DEXTER said...

hey dear!! u sure ve a great team out dere!! a great cook n a great entertainer!! seems like a lot of fun!. i guess d marriage scenario would be a lot more fun! post it soon!!

Tiffany said...

wow! it looks like so much fun! I like that the dog had a job too :)

pRiYaN..! said...

sweets !-highlight of d wedding 'The Entertainer'....i just want 2 ve a chat wit dat soul !....

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