Wednesday, June 3, 2009

life in the second stage

Hey guys!! its hard to stay away from blog for a long time. I'm sure i'l catch up with u guys soon.

Before i begin with another article, I want to thank u guys for posting such sweet comments, especially for the awards given to me. I loved every one of them expecially the 'Award for bringing a piece of sunshine to the world'. I want to give one award to all my blogger friends.. guess what?! Its the 'Award for being the best supporter'. Thats because guys, you encourage me a lot to share my life with you.

I came across an interesting picture in one of the mails forwarded to me. It was called the four stages of our life.

I think there's an interesting explanation to it.

Stage: 1

In the first stage we are children and start our life by drinking milk.

Stage: 2

This stage of life begins when we are at school and colleges.

Stage : 3

In this stage we know real life and start drinking bear and wine.

Stage: 4

This stage begins when we are old and this is about last stage of our life.

I cant help but laugh at the creator's imagination.. Isure want to be in the second stage all my life. What about you my friends??. where do you wanna be??

This time my holidays are really cool. Right now I'm in chennai, a busy city with crowded malls. As i told u, I got some great friends at my uncle's marriage. I'm staying in their home and having a great time here especially with two of my cousins Swetha and Sindhu.

P.S: I'm thankful to everyone for giving me the best awards ever!!


Couture Carrie said...

Fun post, darling! I guess I am in stage 3?


Pop Champagne said...

hmm. That's interesting. Well I guess I'm at stage 3 since I graduated and got a job etc. But I sometimes do wish to be back to stage 2 since I don't have to pay for rent or cook my meal and I miss my dad cleaning up after me. LOL!!

Sneha said...

I m in the 2nd Stage rite now

priyan said...

diction of d blog is unique...d way u dress ur thoughts is really fascinating !..every 1 loves 2 stay 18 ....obviously am at stage 2 ....

Lover of Life said...

Very funny life stages. I like the beer one, or the coke one, but NOT the last one. :-)

Have fun with your friends on holiday.

Couture Carrie said...

P.S. Thanks for all your sweet comments, darling!


Star said...

We all need to drink, don't we. I enjoyed your reflective post. I've been through most of those stages. Currently, my favourite is tea! Perhaps I can have that in a transfusion when I get too old to hold the cup!
Blessings, Star

Jo said...

You haven't gone away, have you? Come back! Come back! :-)

Shankar said...

i am in the second stage..whats there in fourth stage??? the pic is not so clear...

balasrini said...

Cool post dude!

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