Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mom and Me

Our Mother is always our best friend. We share our secrets, we play, we seek for some advice and we help each other and they are always like our best friends in life! And even I m very close to my mother and I almost share everything with her. Even though we are best friends, there are some things that she hates and I love. And this makes me sick!

Let me list out her “The things I love and the things she hates”

I ‘m “nocturnal” just like an owl or I can also say as I’m a “late sleeper and late riser”. I love to sleep late at nights and wake up late in the mornings.. but she hates when I do this.. Everyday there will be an argument about this . Its like “Look at your eyes! You look sick like some diseased person”. And I say “Mom will you cut it”??

The Next thing in the list is “HEELS”. I go mad when I see any heels. And she hates them as much as I love. She thinks that heels bring backbone pain … and I’m 5foot7inches so .. “NO HEELS ALLOWED”!

And next comes “The hair issue”. She like long hair and I always wanted to try new hair styles for my hair but she does want any experiments on my hair. To maintain long hair is "The toughest job" in the world. I have to wash every alternate day and brush it regularly. If I want to trim my hair I have to ask permission and make sure that I don’t do any stupid experiments on it.

I adore sitting in front of computers and playing games. She says that “You waste time in front of that IDIOT BOX”.

Expect for these issues, we have no problem with each other. We both are clean freaks and also fashion freaks! And I thank God that she accepts my craziness over Johnny Depp and allows me to watch his movie every time its telecast . And I want to say that, she is the only person who cares a lot about me, and so I give up some things…

One Question Buddies.. Is there anything that you like and your mom doesn’t? If so , what is it?? And what do you do?


Couture Carrie said...

So cool that you are so close with your mom even though you have disparate interests... my mom and I are the same way! For example, she loves to hike and you could not pay me to tent out in the wilderness!


Sweet Nothings!!! said...

hey girl ..good to hear that she is your buddy..just one thing to share love her the most in the world .coz she would be the one who would still love you and forgive you when all others turn a deaf ear towards you..

Pop Champagne said...

! Lucky you I wish I was 5 foot 7! Heh I'm so not a late owl... I go to bed super early most days... and if you leave me idle long enough (ie people who says they wanna hang out on saturday but don't end up calling me until like 11) i just end up falling asleep. lol so bad!

pRiYaN...! said...

i love 'night studies' but she wants me 2 study 2 whole night but not 'night studies' :(...
i prefer hard music but hates it! !
i hate getting up early in the morn...she reciprocates it !
lotz more...


ZiLliOnBiG said...

nice post, straight from heart...

Having grown up. my parents nomore interfere in my affairs.But there were times when they did.

No much of TV, no late night.

No Jeans, My dad hated Jeans.

No, soft drinks.

No talking too much....:)

noble beeyotch said...

Isnt it very strange.....every single one of us had issues like these with moms...but we cant help loving them. Maybe because deep down inside we all know that every girl grows up to become her mom!

Michelle said...

My mom lives in Vegas, I live in Montana. That right there says something about how different we are!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

That's really nice that you are so close to your mom! & the things you listed really aren't that bad, you're so lucky that besides a couple things you two see eye to eye for everything else :)

Deepak said...

nice post! me too get scolded for such things like late night sleep.....infact relationship between a son n mom consists of more controversies..... :)

pranksygang said...

Couture Carrie - ha ha:) gr8 to know that you both are same !!

Sweet Nothings - YOU are Absolutely correct dear!

Pop - you wish my height and i wish to push a little more!

Priyan - you always have a big list!!

ZillionBig - No soft drinks should come in my list too...

Noble beeytoch - its true dear!We will know the pain only when we are in their shoes!

Michelle - thats good.. you will have no issues!

Dana - yes dear.. i'm lucky!

Deepak - really?? does mom and son have more controversies? i didn't know that!

Elizabeth said...

I like Johnny Depp too.
But I agree with your mother about high heels!

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