Saturday, July 11, 2009

My hell is back!

My hell days are back! Oh yes!! I feel hell from morning 8.30 AM to 4.30 PM. Everybody enjoys their college life but why not me?? Frankly I consider my college as a perfect “shit hole”. All my theory classes are spent scribbling something in my note books which are not worth anything! I’m just wasting paper and ink. I thought I would enjoy my last year of my college life having lots of fun and getting a bit close with all my classmates and lecturers , but I think this will never be possible!

It has just a couple of weeks since my college has reopened and there is lots of “COLD WAR”going on between girls (some creatures never change). I always wanted to know one thing, “why can’t the jealousy level for any girl come down?” Even the lecturers get jealous of students if they are pretty! And why cant boys start being matured in thoughts and mind their own business without backbiting??

Recently, some crap has been introduced in our RULES. “Rupees 50 fine for anyone who is taking a leave without permission.” If we are taking leave tomorrow, we have to get permission today and have to get our leave letters signed. This is possible at times. But how do we know that we will get diarrhea before? This is a biggest problem I face most of the time!

One of my friends was busy with some work and she didn’t make it to college, so the next day she was standing outside the class for almost 2 ½ hours and she paid 50 bucks for these morons who call themselves lecturers. This is ridiculous!! I see hell every day and every minute! I find no fun or any peace of mind!

And these days I’m hanging out with my assignments, observations and project reviews! Life is so dark without my books, movies, mobile texting and blogs!!

I want to write lots about my college’s idiotic stuff (I have written a bit about that, have a look here)… but I can’t do it now... I have my own reasons! I hope that this period of hell gets over soon and I start my beautiful life!!! Have a great weekend darlings!

P.S. I have one good news! My sister is having lots of fun in college and I’m very happy about it. She is enjoying here life too the core!

I have one question for you. Did/do you enjoy your college life?


Shankar said...

I never wanted to waste my time scribbling in notes.. so I always bunk classes along with a group of friends... And also a boy can never be jealous of another boy..but only girls are jealous on seeing another.. I dont know why..but as a girl you should know this...

noble beeyotch said...

I am in my first year right now and it sucks....i thought college was supposed to be fun but frankly i'd rather be in school!

Eeli said...

Hey hun, thankyou for your sweet comment and coming here I wish I could do the same. What horrendously silly rules these are! I'm sorry for both what you and your friends have had to deal with but am slightly appeased by the knowledge that your sister is fairing well :) As for my own College experience I enjoy it very much. I am still studying and am very fortunate to be in an environment where such rules as your own have no place.

Again sorry and all the best for your studies hun :D


pRiYaN...! said...

ennadha solradhu ! :(
adhu hellu dhan ! but if u start bunking u luv it !... vidu symposium work nu bunk pannu ! njoy pannu !

(workout aana neeku thnx sollu matna ennaku phone pannu ...escape aiydovaen ! )

DEXTER said...

hey! hell s so right a word!! 16 years of dream about having a fun filled college life and just one day into it made me feel its d bane of my existance..
anyways dear!! have a happy weekend!!
and its cool to hear ur sister started to like her college in just a few days!!
i mean.. its been over three years nd i still cant find a reason!! ha ha!! anywayz..therz lot of fun after gettin out of college.. lets wait n grab it!! cheers!!!

Couture Carrie said...

Oh, enjoy college while it lasts ~ the real world is so harsh!


muthu said...


college days are my care free days--

Yeah, I had my downsides-- fights -- physical & emotional -- boring lectures -- ass **** professors -- shitty classes--

but anyways-- i met the best frds there--

learn t a lot of things--

had great drunk escapades --

it was fun.. :D

I think watever U think that makes col days suck will pass--

things will change--

U will make great frds....

after all nobody is born to be alone....

col professors being ass **** is just their nature. U cant change that.

get over it.

It s like wanting it to rain in the middle of sahara...

It can happen but very rare.

I have heard of col s having even more horrendous rules that what u have stated here...

so be relieved.

U r doing great. If u ask me....

hav fun.

cheers. :)

Dreamer said...

college days are considered as few of the most cheerful and memorable days in your life.. you got to start new ventures and meet new people.. with couple of friends you can have short trips to nearby locations and have fun.. there are lots of other ways to have fun..

Star said...

I never had the luxury of going to college Pranksy. I do hope things improve soon! It is early days so there is every chance that in a few weeks you will come to like it better.
Blessings, Star

The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street said...

I want to thank you for dropping by and leaving a very nice comment on my post back in May.
It seems like ages ago..but I have been gone for awhile.
I did not here I am letting you know I appreciate the gesture.
I will be back here. Hopefully soon!

pranksygang said...

Shankar - i cant bunk any classes cause my college is in an isolated area! And honestly i don't know why girls get jealous cause i never had that feeling towards any! May be I'm from a different Brand!

Noble Beeyotch - so u join the Hell Club like me??? try to get good friends .. thats the only way to escape dear! And yeah i loved my school days than this college.

Eeli - thanks dear.. And i'm glad that you are enjoying your college!

Priyan - We both are in same condition dear!!! But how to bunk with so much security?

Dexter - Yeah I'm waiting for that moment.. hope we enjoy that period!

Couture Carrie- i think real world is better than my college!

Muthu - you are right .. its like expecting rain in a Sahara desert!

Dreamer - thanks for your tips deaR!!

Star - thank u dear.. your words make me feel better!

Rajesh said...

For me college days were nice. I realize it now even more better. Once you are out o the college into this working class world there is no time for fun. So have as much as fun and get prepared for not so sweet working life.

Pop Champagne said...

yeah university life sucked for me. Same reasons as stupid immature idiots, given that I was taking engineering most people in my faculty then were already socially awkard in some ways. It made it worse uggggh I would never go back to those days!! I enjoy graduating and working 10 times more than university!

Tiffany said...

oh, so sorry to hear that, it doesn't sound like fun but I know you can get through it!

Hope you have a great week!

down and out chic said...

oh no, i'm so sorry. college was a mix of great times and really hard times. this is going to pass for you...hang in there.

Gowshi said...

ha ha ha
tats true dear
whatever i think u hav writen here
i must thank for tat
!!! really our cols 's a shit dear,itz terrible to sit in class of bloody stupid lectures who knows nothing except screaming in class like devil(fecklesscot). i wish this year to get over soon.

it really sucks dear!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog.

Nicole Marie said...

aww i'm sorry its crappy right now. there were definitely parts of college i hated but for the most part when i look back on it , i loved it. just take each day one at a time!

pve design said...

I think nothing worth doing is ever easy, there are always challenges. I felt grateful to go to University, my father and his mother did not have a College education and I think in this world it is so important.
I think if you try to make your own fun or look to make a change, perhaps there are others just like you that are not enjoying themselves. Perhaps a support group to help you get through these times.

Everyone loves to make friends and to share the good and the bad, iregardless of rules.

Deepak said...

i heard abt this sad condt in ur dept thru ma friends.....:( try breaking some rulez with dept is some wat better than previous yrs....n reg backbitin, it do exists in all classes....nothin can be done other than "just ignorin"....

Hilary said...

Sorry to hear that you're not enjoying your time, but hopefully it will lead you to a career where you will be happy. You'll get through it though.. this time of your life passes very quickly.. in retrospect. :)

pranksygang said...

thanks everyone for your sweet words which made me comfort!!!

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