Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Taggged again!

I’m tagged again by my blog Friend Shankar!!

This tag has too many Questions.. I will try to answer them honestly! Because I’m DISHONEST...and a DISHONEST man u can always trust to be DISHONEST, HONESTLY.... it is the HONEST ones you want to watch out for because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly stupid!!! Savvy!!!???

Q1: When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?

A1: Am I not pretty?

Q2: How much cash do you have in your wallet right now?

A2: Not a penny less, not a penny more!

Q3: What’s a word the rhymes with DOOR?

A3:No idea!

Q4: What is your favorite ring tone?

A4: The title song of Mission Impossible.

Q5: Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your cell phone?

A5: A perfect stranger!

Q6: What are you wearing right now?

A6: One of my favorite pant and shirt!

Q7: Do you label yourself?

A7: Nope.

Q8: Name of the Brand shoes you currently own?

A7: LifeStyles.

Q9: Bright or dark room?


Q10: What do you think about the person who took this survey before you?

A10: A faithful Blogger!

Q11: What does your watch look like?

A11: I can’t answer this until MAY! Because watches are my birthday presents.. each year I get a watch .. And somehow I destroy it.. Right now I don own any watch!

Q12: What were you doing at midnight last night?

A11: Chatting with my very old and best Friend!

Q13: What did your last text message you received on your cell say?

A13: Good night dear.

Q14: What’s a word that you say a lot?

A14: Oye!!

Q15: Who told you he/she loved you last?

A15: I wish somebody tells me that honestly! I don remember the person who said that!

Q16: Last furry thing you touched?

A16: My Teddy bears (that’s the only furry things I touch)

Q17: Favorite age you have been so far?

A17: I always feel that I’m in my sweet sixteen!

Q18: What’s the last thing you said to someone?

A18: Text me soon stupid!

Q19: The last song you listened to?

A19: “Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake

Q20: Are you jealous of anyone?

A20: Johnny Depp’s ex girlfriends

Q21: Is anyone jealous of you?

A21: I wonder what’s in me to get jealous! I don think so!

Q22: Name three things that you have all the time.

A22: My ring, My mobile, My driver’s license.

Q23: What’s your favorite town or city?

A23: Neverland .

Q24: Your first love/big crush, what is the last thing you heard about him/her?

A24: He is going for some classes to become a SAINT.

Q25: Have you ever been burnt by love?

A25: Nope! An obvious answer!

This time I’m not tagging anybody! Anyone who wishes to answers all the Qs honestly can post this! Thanks for reading my stupid answers!


pRiYaN...! said...

tagging had become a new trend ...
gr8 answer ! :D

Couture Carrie said...

Fun tag! Love your ring tone!


Shankar said...

Thanks swetha..nice answers....

ZiLliOnBiG said...

hey nice knowing you better. :))

Pop Champagne said...

lol your crush is going to be a saint? like a priest? hmmmm interesting!!

DEXTER said...

nice answers yaar!
honest ones too!! haha..
hope someone tags u with a bigger list!!!

muthu said...

cute answers yaar. :)


muthu said...

have answered Ur tag.

sorry I took too much time. :)

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