Friday, August 28, 2009

A temple Visit!

Hi everyone!! I missed everyone this week. Sorry for becoming an awful blogger. I had a lousy week and I spent the whole week writing assignments and tests … aggrrrr hated to do that!

I want to share one of my best moments in my life that happened long back! I went to “GANGAIKONDA CHOLAPURAM” a temple near KUMBAKONAM in SOUTH INDIA, along with my friends. It was one of the wonderful things that happened in my life! The temple was so calm and peaceful unlike “THE BRIHADESHWARA TEMPLE” in Tanjore.It is one of the most famous temples in India. This temple is dedicated to LORD SHIVA and is built by Rajendra Cholan I during 11th century.

We were stunned looking at the architecture and the greenery. First we made our small wish to GOD and then we went all around the temple taking pictures, running around the well, playing and sitting under those huge trees! It was 6, so the climate was pretty good and we had seen the best sunset, the sun was hiding among the tall coconut trees.

We never had the heart to leave that place. We were admiring the beauty of it till the moment we left and then we started for our home!

I am sorry I couldn’t take clear pictures because it was already sunset when we reached! (you will enjoy the pictures when its enlarged.. so just click them)....

This is the entrance of the temple!

This is the NANDI- Lord Shiva’s carrier and also favorite devotee.

These are some sculptures that are found on the temple!

Lovely trees are all around the temple.

This is a guardian temple which is to the right of the main temple.. a well is also seen.

I tried to focus on the top from various angles and this is the result.

The sun among the trees.

I thank Shankar again for giving me an awardAnd I want to share this with my friends,

1. Rajesh

2.Noble Beetyotch

3. Star

4. Muthu

5. Arjun

And Noble Beetyotch gave me a very pretty award-“The Butterfly blogger award” ..Thanks sweetie and I want to share this with my friends,

1. Nancy

2. Couture Carrie

3.My Castle in Spain

I want to Thank Star because she gave me The Lovely Blog award long ago and I was too blind at that time and I didn’t notice that!! I’m sorry Star for replying so late.. and thanks a lot for this!

Congrats winners!!Have a amazing weekend dear friends!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An beautiful Award

I’m very happy to say that one of my favorite blogmate Shankar had given me an award “The Beautiful Blogger Award”. I never expected this from him. Thanks a million mate, you are the first person to give me an award and my blog is very happy with it too.

I have said to you about Shankar in my previous tag! He is my best blogmate and we almost share the same thoughts, we like the same books and the same Sci-Fi movies! His blog is pretty amazing and he is an expert in TAGGING! I should admit that he is the only person who tagged me hell a lot of times and I enjoy that.

I want to share this award to few persons and I think they deserve this much better than me.

Pop Champagne – She is the funniest blogger I have ever seen. I love her fashion and her celebrity posts.

The Solitary Writer –He is one of the best bloggers in India, and the most creative writer. His stories are amazing and it teaches us all a lesson.

La Marquise des Anges – She has lovely pictures in her blog and she has a talent to make dirty things look pretty!

Star – Star is an amazing blogger. She is a good story teller and nature lover!

Majority of Two – Jo has a gorgeous tree house and a gorgeous blog. Just have a look at her blog you might know more about the world.

Some mine dager - One of the best photographers in the world! Her snaps are absolutely stunning and if you want to have look at the world’s best house and good recipes.. Just visit her blog.

Have happy week everyone !! And congratulations winners!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My weekend :( and tag!

Things never go the way I planned. I have planned the best weekend ever. I was dreaming the whole week about this… I wanted to go to shopping in “LIFESTYLES” and buy good heels and denim and watch the movies PUBLIC ENEMIES and KAMINEY in I-NOX CHENNAI.

So I left Pondicherry early morning at 5.45 and reached Chennai at 9. The climate was VERY ROMANTIC! And I was in cloud nine because I can have a TAN-FREE shopping!

But as I said “Things never go the way I planned”. I was glued to some stupid work and all my dreams were shattered. I felt so depressed and I felt like shouting at everybody who was responsible for this.

I reached home Sunday morning. I really thought I would have a WONDERFUL SATURDAY but it ended up like the most DISGUSTING weekend with some people irritating me to the core!

I was very upset with this incident but my mom helped me to come out of this. She took me to the movie KAMINEY. That was a suprise!I never thought she would do this. I was so happy that I had fun with her. The movie was good.

I liked it and SHAHID was incredible in it. If you are a great fan of SHAHID and PRIYANKA you better try this. I was expecting some more from the director. It showed the real face of Maharashtra.


One of my favorite blogger Shankar tagged me. We both almost share the same thoughts and we both love the fantasy world.

TAG RULES: It’s harder than t looks!(Mind it).Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours and tag your friends. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real, nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl question. Have fun!

· What is your name: Swetha

· A four letter word : Sick

· A boy’s name: Shahid

· A girl’s name : Sneha

· An occupation : Singer

· A color : Silver

· Some thing you wear : Signature jeans!

· Something you find in bathroom: SUNSILK ANTI-DANDRAFF SHAMPOO

· A place : A Sunshade

· A reason for being late: Sleeping late at night

· A movie title: Slumdog Millionaire

· Something you shout: Stupid!!!

· Something you drink: Sprite ( Clear Hai) !

· An animal : Snnnnnnnnnnake !

· A Street name : Srirangam

· A type of car: Skoda

· A song title : Summer sunshine

· A verb: Sleep

I tagged everyone who likes this tag!!

This is about my weekend journey …. How was yours??? You had fun? Did the things go the way you plan? Have a great weekend darlings!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Fantasy World

I always loved the Fantasy world or the weird world .. I know that its just myth.. It can never happen even if the world turns upside down.. Yet I love to be in that! Especially the MEN in that world are hot and the center of attraction!

One such world is the X-MEN.

I loved X-men … Humans or mutants gifted with various powers. And the thought the some can control anything with they help of their mind just thrilled me! It was weird for me when I first saw the movie but I liked it. And the I liked Hugh Jackman !!This movie made me develop a crush on him. He was Hot!

The next in the list is HARRY POTTER.

Who would not love Harry potter, his friends, his school, his wand, his broomstick and last but not the least his owl?? ?? my dad hates this movie but I had a big crush on Daniel Radcliffe as soon as I watched this movie.. But I didn’t understand a thing when I watched the movie for the 1st time. I never missed its sequel, but I watched for Tom Felton not Daniel!!! And I love the magic world!!

The next to hit the list is THE MATRIX

Men in leather jackets and goggles with guns and fighting with machines to save their world!! It was good!! I Liked THE ONE, who can fly, fight, and love and save the world. It’s a good action, romantic, and a miracle movie!

I can’t forget THE LORD OF THE RINGS.

It’s the movie that I watched for more than 100 times. Talking trees (ENTS), Unicorn, Elves, Hobbits, Wizards, Orcs , Goblins and Human all in one world. It sounds a bit adventurous for me and I simply love it.” ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL!!” I like that line too !


You can go to another part of the world through a Wardrobe and become a king and a Queen and you if you have time you can also fall in love with a prince .. hmm.. interesting life.. I kinda liked it. But I watched this movie more than 10 times just for the sake of Aslan ( the lion) .


A huge ship, a smart Captain who loves RUM, the blue Ocean and a thrilling life! You don’t know when you will be attacked or who you can trust! All you have to do it.. “Take everything you can and give back nothing”! We know that pirates are bad but still something in our heart says we love that ship!

In this list of “Fantasy World” , I choose X-Men. Because I wish I have some powers and fly a jet and be a school teacher and date a hot guy like Wolverine!

What is your choice??? Do you like any of these fantasy worlds??

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How to love yourself

Oh,Mishka inspired me by her post “How to love yourself”. I followed every word she said, and it really helped me to make me love myself. You have to take a notebook and keep writing about things that you are good at doing. And if you find some silly don’t give a second thought about it and just write that. Don’t care if your list is long, this makes you think positive about you will surely fall in love with you. When ever you feel down about you, just do this! You will start seeing the other side of “YOU”.

(photo courtesy)

Here are a few things about me that I like

I love to make coffee everyday.

I can finish an 800 pages book in a day!

I don’t wear make up.

I love my long hair and it makes me feel good.

I listen to other people‘s sorrow.

I can travel very long distances alone and that doesn’t bore me at all.

I can sleep in class without any professors noticing me.

I can text up to 1000 messages a day.

I’m not a Home-Bird.

I love to write and I don’t care how long it takes.

And my list goes on.

Keep doing this until you feel happy about yourself!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A mix of celebrations!

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY MY DEAR FRIENDS!! I thank all my friends who were very supportive to me … and thanks my lovely blog mates , because you help my blog to shine with your wonderful comments!! This friendship band is to all my friends around the world! I Love all you guys.

And tomorrow is my Mom’s Birthday!!! She is going to be 42. I have already gave you an introduction about me mom. (Click her to look at that post) I have a surprise for her and I think she will like it!!

She is in her forties and her skin shines everyday and I still cant understand the trick how she keeps herself fit and updated! I have one of the best and the caring Mom in the whole world and I’m very proud of that!! Thanks Mom for being so wonderful... I Love you so much!!

(My Mom)

And I ‘m sorry for not visiting your blogs very often and for not posting anything in my blog. I’m stuck up with my idiotic assignments and crazy project works and silly tests!! I feel like I’m in a jail which makes us write and write and write till our hands bleed!

Have a wonderful week everyone!! I MISS YOU ALL!!

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