Sunday, August 2, 2009

A mix of celebrations!

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY MY DEAR FRIENDS!! I thank all my friends who were very supportive to me … and thanks my lovely blog mates , because you help my blog to shine with your wonderful comments!! This friendship band is to all my friends around the world! I Love all you guys.

And tomorrow is my Mom’s Birthday!!! She is going to be 42. I have already gave you an introduction about me mom. (Click her to look at that post) I have a surprise for her and I think she will like it!!

She is in her forties and her skin shines everyday and I still cant understand the trick how she keeps herself fit and updated! I have one of the best and the caring Mom in the whole world and I’m very proud of that!! Thanks Mom for being so wonderful... I Love you so much!!

(My Mom)

And I ‘m sorry for not visiting your blogs very often and for not posting anything in my blog. I’m stuck up with my idiotic assignments and crazy project works and silly tests!! I feel like I’m in a jail which makes us write and write and write till our hands bleed!

Have a wonderful week everyone!! I MISS YOU ALL!!


pRiYaN...! said...

happy frndship day dear !!..
advance b'day wishes to your mom.... we all envy her shining skin n beauty !she is still young !


Couture Carrie said...

Happy Friendship Day and happy bday to your mom!


Pop Champagne said...

happy friendship day and happy birthday to your mom! Your mom's skin does look radiant you have to let us know the secrets :D

Shas said...

HI! Happy Frndshp Day to u. Wish your Mom a Happy Birthday! I can't believe that shes gonna turn 40+. She looks pretty much younger. I guess the love of a lovely daughter like u keeps her skin glowing.

pranksygang said...

Thanks all of you for wishing my mom!!

José Ramón said...

Happy birthday expectacular is the beauty that has great care to retain Greetings

Nancy said...

Your mother is very beautiful - just like her daughter! Hope she had a wonderful birthday!

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