Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How to love yourself

Oh,Mishka inspired me by her post “How to love yourself”. I followed every word she said, and it really helped me to make me love myself. You have to take a notebook and keep writing about things that you are good at doing. And if you find some silly don’t give a second thought about it and just write that. Don’t care if your list is long, this makes you think positive about you will surely fall in love with you. When ever you feel down about you, just do this! You will start seeing the other side of “YOU”.

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Here are a few things about me that I like

I love to make coffee everyday.

I can finish an 800 pages book in a day!

I don’t wear make up.

I love my long hair and it makes me feel good.

I listen to other people‘s sorrow.

I can travel very long distances alone and that doesn’t bore me at all.

I can sleep in class without any professors noticing me.

I can text up to 1000 messages a day.

I’m not a Home-Bird.

I love to write and I don’t care how long it takes.

And my list goes on.

Keep doing this until you feel happy about yourself!


Shankar said...

mee too... i can sleep in class with my eyes open...

Pop Champagne said...

hehe I love my long hair too... and I can sleep in class without profs noticing me either. Or maybe I just never get called on it unlike other unlucky people. hahaha!

pRiYaN...! said...

nice post !.. my other side ws interesting...thanx !


Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

now that was something to ponder over..this sure works..

I dont wear make up too....and i love writing.. :D

Couture Carrie said...

Wow, 1000 messages in one day? Amazing!

Fab post, darling!


noble beeyotch said...


Nice idea about making the list. I do that everyday....i make a mental list of all the many things i absolutely love about myself. A leo you see!

DEXTER said...

thats truly a pleasant feeling yaar.. discoverin oneself!! nice post dear!

Joyce said...

These are wonderful things about you. Even if it is hard at times we should love ourselves. If we don't love and respect ourselves it is hard to expect others to feel love and respect for us. A nice reminder your post is. Have a golden weekend. xoxo

Rajesh said...

That is a nice way to feel better. You have got a interesting list.

Sabine, La Marquise des anges said...

what a great idea and advice. I start it today ... Here are the first lines ...

I can finish a big book quite quickly too.
I do love my long hair and I just love the sensation of them floating on my shoulders, and down my back.
I never feel bored !! never. I am interesting in everything ...I am a good listener and I really care for others ...

jason said...

Hey, I love coffee too and I don't wear make-up. then again, I am a guy. I don't think I can read an 800 page book in a day, though I did read War and Peace in a week. Why is it we spend so much time on our vices and never stop to think about our virtues?

Nancy said...

I loved learning all these things about you! You can read that big of a book in a day? Wow! And you can sleep in class without the teaching knowing? LOL!

Shas said...

Hi! how do u sleep in class widout ur profs noticing u??
I jus loved ur blog template. How do those little red star like things fall like snow flakes. Plz tell me.

Anonymous said...

Gud thought!

Loving ourselves would tend us to show it on others too!

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