Friday, August 28, 2009

A temple Visit!

Hi everyone!! I missed everyone this week. Sorry for becoming an awful blogger. I had a lousy week and I spent the whole week writing assignments and tests … aggrrrr hated to do that!

I want to share one of my best moments in my life that happened long back! I went to “GANGAIKONDA CHOLAPURAM” a temple near KUMBAKONAM in SOUTH INDIA, along with my friends. It was one of the wonderful things that happened in my life! The temple was so calm and peaceful unlike “THE BRIHADESHWARA TEMPLE” in Tanjore.It is one of the most famous temples in India. This temple is dedicated to LORD SHIVA and is built by Rajendra Cholan I during 11th century.

We were stunned looking at the architecture and the greenery. First we made our small wish to GOD and then we went all around the temple taking pictures, running around the well, playing and sitting under those huge trees! It was 6, so the climate was pretty good and we had seen the best sunset, the sun was hiding among the tall coconut trees.

We never had the heart to leave that place. We were admiring the beauty of it till the moment we left and then we started for our home!

I am sorry I couldn’t take clear pictures because it was already sunset when we reached! (you will enjoy the pictures when its enlarged.. so just click them)....

This is the entrance of the temple!

This is the NANDI- Lord Shiva’s carrier and also favorite devotee.

These are some sculptures that are found on the temple!

Lovely trees are all around the temple.

This is a guardian temple which is to the right of the main temple.. a well is also seen.

I tried to focus on the top from various angles and this is the result.

The sun among the trees.

I thank Shankar again for giving me an awardAnd I want to share this with my friends,

1. Rajesh

2.Noble Beetyotch

3. Star

4. Muthu

5. Arjun

And Noble Beetyotch gave me a very pretty award-“The Butterfly blogger award” ..Thanks sweetie and I want to share this with my friends,

1. Nancy

2. Couture Carrie

3.My Castle in Spain

I want to Thank Star because she gave me The Lovely Blog award long ago and I was too blind at that time and I didn’t notice that!! I’m sorry Star for replying so late.. and thanks a lot for this!

Congrats winners!!Have a amazing weekend dear friends!


muthu said...

I loved the snaps....

esp the snap of the sculptures...

they seem to intact & still not ravaged by the forces of nature...

Pride of TN. :)

& thanks 4 your award...

I am indeed honored. :)

DEXTER said...

hey dear!! lots of pictures n beautiful awards!! the pics u took are really good.. even though u say it was sunset already!!
i hope the temple n its amazing history would remain for many years for many more beautiful eyes to see!!
have a cool weekend!!

Couture Carrie said...

What a gorgeous temple! And your photos are exquisite, darling!

Congrats on all your awards and thank you SO much for honoring me!


pRiYaN...! said...

really amazing photography !...
congrats for ur awards!!! well deserved n wish u get more !

Arjun said...

Ur first paragraph is enuf to say u r doing engg... hehe :P

nd lovely pics... I always am amazed at old temples and sculptures... :)
Nice pics.. :)

ANd god.. Naaku award aa?? :P

Thanks Sweth ... Thank u so much ,.... Really nice of u .. :D :D


Star said...

Dear Pranksygang, What a lovely surprise! thank you. I enjoyed looking at your pictures of the temple and the top is very reminiscent of the pyramids in Egypt, isn't it. It just goes to show how alike we are, all around the world. I love the honesty of your Blog and yes, I too am struggling to keep up with the blogging. My work has to come first and that takes up so much time. I wish you a happy week this week.
Blessings, Star

Noble Beeyotch said...

Thanks for the award dear! and such a bevy of great pics...looks like you had a lot of fun at the temple!

Hilary said...

Wonderful photos of a lovely place. Topped off with a beautiful sunset. Thank you for sharing. :)

Rajesh said...

This temple is a master piece. The stone work is of amazing quality.

Congrats to you. Thanks for the award.

Pop Champagne said...

wow that is sooo pretty! I love these pictures and I really want to visit there now. I love the archetecture :D

pve design said...

Oh what a temple to visit.
Thank you for sharing such stunning photos.

Shas said...

The pics were a real delight.
Congrats! for the awards.

evanescentthoughts said...

Lovely snaps.. I havent heard about this temple.. should visit it sometime.. I have seen some of the famous ones in TN though

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