Friday, September 4, 2009

8 Things About Me!

I love being tagged and it’s Shankar who tagged me again. Thanks Shankar. This is all about the 8 things in my life I love to do!

Eight Tv Shows I Love To Watch

Indian premier league

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Grey’s Anatomy

Coffee with Karan


Fashion Shows

Travel with Samantha Brown

All cartoons shows especially Tom n Jerry, Swat Cats and Popeye- The Sailor Man

Eight Things I Love About Winter

The romantic climate

I can sleep in my room hugging my teddies tight .

I get a chance to drink Coffee everyday.


Eating too many hot chocolates.

Wearing sweaters everyday.

Long night chats with my family.

Eight Places I Would Love To Go




Narnia (if that place existed)




All religious places in India

Eight Things That Happened Yesterday

I woke up at 6.00 sharp, and this is a wonder because I will never wake up

so soon

I went to my friend’s sister’s wedding.

I went to a movie with my friends.

I watched the movie TAARE ZAMEEN PAR for the 5th time and I started crying watching the climax of the movie….. Tears filled my eyes for almost 15 mins.

I had a late night chat with my friend who is very far from me.

I was enjoying the rain.

And I had a late night fight with mosquitoes: (

Eight Things I Am Passionate About

My mobile

My blog


My village

My family

Johnny Depp


Big gardens

Eight Words Or Phases I Use Frequently



Ah that’s sweet!



Podaaaaa! (Get lost)

Mokka! (Its boring)

Shut up

Eight Things I Look Forward To

To get a job by next year.

Live my life on my own.

I want to buy my mom a big garden and present that as her birthday gift,

so that she can grow all the plants she likes.

I want to buy my Dad a chain with his name in it!

I shall try to buy my sister a MacBook or try to arrange a date with Srikanth(a cricketer).

To travel around the world with the love of my life.

Buy Manish Malhotra’s (a famous fashion designer) sarees.

And to live in India forever and ever!

Eight Things I Currently Need Or Want

A person who can stay with my as my friend forever, it can be a boy or a girl.

A long vacation.

A way to escape from my college.

A big room where I can keep all my outfits and accessories.

A good camera.

I want some adventure to happen now… my life suddenly has become dull.

A sexy sunglass.

A Mac Book

(all pictures from: weheartit)

Anyone who is interested to do this tag can do it.. Please try this. Its really an interesting tag!! Have a wonderful weekend mates!!


DEXTER said...

hey your post is really cool dear!! capturing 8x8 most lovely things of urself!! have a great weekend!!
have fun!!

Couture Carrie said...

Love this post, darling!
WE have lots in common!
I would adore a trip to Ireland and a good camera too. And of course I love fashion shows :)


pRiYaN...! said...

you have intelligently adapted yourself to 'TAG'... all your tags are awesome...n this tag is exceptional !!! great work !

pra said...

Nicely done! I love all the pictures inthis post! I learned two new words-poda and mokka! I will love to visit himalayas too.If you find Narnia take me with you tosee it!:-)

Star said...

You can come and visit me when you get to London Pranksygang x
Blessings Star

Sneha said...

hey u
it is Sreesanth not srikant

Arjun said...

Superb tag, well done ya.. :D

btw, who won the war?? The mosquitoes or u? :P :P


Shrav said...

well well well, Sreesanth's my friend's cousin :P

I think a date wouldn't be a prob :P

And the tag is nicely done :)

future mantra said...
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Pop Champagne said...

Aww I love hot chocolate too! And romantic climate in winter eh... haha I wish winter is romantic here, but it doesn't get anymore romantic than getting frost bites standing at the bug stop at minus 40C! lol

And thanks for your comment, they say that I might be getting my bed this friday... I guess we'll see!

pranksygang said...

Dexter - thanks mate

Couture Carrie- Yeah.. we have lots.. thats why we are good blog mates!

Priyan - thanks da stupid !

Pra- I'm glad that my post was informative.. and i will surely take you to narnia.. but do u know where the place is ?

Star- Thanks a million Star ... i will stay there until you kick me out of your house :)

Sneha- Sorry sis !! But i meant sree oly!!

Arjun - you have a brain to ask peculiar Q. i honestly lost the war..

Shrav- Thanks shrav... you have made ny search easy:) my sis would be happy.

Pop- Hey pop.. winter is just cold here.. never freezing! so its kinda romantic here... :)

Joyce said...

Thanks for sharing more about you. Have a golden day! xoxo

Shankar said...

hey nice answers..thanks for completing the tag...

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

i too watch that...

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