Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm An Addict

I asked my mom “Are you addicted to anything?” she replied “no dear.. Nothing”. I asked me sister the same Question and she replied the same. And I asked a friend of mine the same Q .. and he answered “internet”. And I’m glad to have a partner because I’m an addict, a Seasonal addict to be honest! My addiction keeps changing every season and this season it is two things..


I love to make my coffee.. I won’t say that I make a good coffee and I have no idea that someone else will like it .. but I love my coffee.. with little sugar and the right quantity of coffee power , I enjoy every sip till the end of my cup! It really relaxes my mind and kills my time.. I have my coffee when I’m home alone. But I used to hate coffee long back.. it was my friend who made me to fall in love with it.

2.Coca Cola

Coming to coke….. I don’t know from whom I burrowed this addiction. My Sundays are empty with out coca cola. They really brighten up my lunch, it’s like a way to heaven for my stomach!

They both are driving me crazy and I really love being so .. Can’t help to get them out of my mind!

And this is a big issue to my mother. She hates coffee and coke.. She says both are not good for health and this becomes a minor issue if I drink any one of them …. Well I have to ask you guys this Q.. “Is it bad being an addict??”

As I said I’m a seasonal addict, my list keeps changing.. Last time it was books and mobile texting and I don’t know what’s going to be next…

So here is your Question.. Are you addicted to anything other than blogging? If so .. what’s that?

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DEXTER said...

those r pretty cool addictions u ve got urself into dear!! start ur week ahead with a hot steamy sweet cup of coffee!!
have a great week!!

Tiffany said...

oh yes, i'm addicted to many things! mainly expensive shoes. lol!

I'm pretty much a coffee addict but have been trying to drink less.

balasrini said...

Yeh... I'm much addicted to music... music has been a part of me from my schoolings...

Manytimes, it has given me a good company... like... Cheer me up more when I'm happy... Heal my sorrow when I am sad...

I jus luve this addiction..

Hilary said...

Oh, coffee for sure, but in the past couple of years, I'm becoming more addicted to photography. I must have my camera with me at almost all times.

pRiYaN...! said...

hey i have a lot list !!!
i am addicted to music, pani poori , pepsi , roaming , long phone chats....

am addicted to few words likes
-> life sucks and mudiyala !!!

Couture Carrie said...

No problem being an addict of these two things as long as you brush your teeth a lot!


iva yaneva said...

oh, I am addicted to a lot of things:) internet has to be the worst!
I drink coffee too but I am so bad at making it that I usually drink only once or twice a week. I've heard that a small cup of coffee every day can be good for you, but not the instant one with lots of sugar and different flavors.

As for the coca cola, I used to drink a lot of it when I was a kid but then without a reason I just stopped. Now I am avoiding drinking soda because I try to eat healthy.

Have a great day, dear! xo

Joyce said...

I would have to say I'm with you on coffee. My favorite soda is Diet Mt. Dew. Enjoy! xoxo

Rajesh said...

Those addictions are not that bad. It is good to start the day with cup of coffee.

I am addicted to traveling on personal trips to see new places and photogarphy

Rose said...

Hmm, you've got me thinking.
I think mine (for now) would be blogging and crosswords!
P, I've got something for you at mine - check it out. :)

Kristin said...

I am SO addicted to coffee. I managed to pick when I was preggers and went RIGHT back to it after he was born. Sigh.

down and out chic said...

i'm addicted to coffee, for sure! it is not a good day if i haven't had my daily dose of caffeine!
p.s. loving the new look of your blog:)

Samson said...

Hey nice blog.... i've become a shutterbug these days, my new addiction is photography ;)

pranksygang said...

Dexter- Thanks dexter.. i had a wonderful cup of coffee this week..

Tiffany - Addict to shoes uh ?! Cool addiction:)

Balasrini- Music is my best friend.. it also kills my loneliness.

Hilary- Another interesting addiction :)

Priyan- You always have a big list da :D

Couture Carrie - ha ha i do that dear...

Iva -thanks for your tips dear..

Joyce- WE have similar traits then:)

Rajesh -Thanks dear.. but i love to start my evening with a cup of coffee! you have a different addiction :)

Rose- crosswords uh ??!! ha ha ha.. i never know ppl can get addicted to that!

kristin - Im glad that you are coffee addict like me !

Down out and Chic - ha ha ha :)
And thanks dear..

Samson- Thanks.. and photography is very interesting addiction according to me:)

Pop Champagne said...

haha! I used to be soo addited to coke as well! Now I've got myself kind off it it's okay... but every now and then I still get that sugar craving where I want to drink something really sweet!

Sharodindu said...

Nice post....
As far seasonal addiction is concern you are not alone. I love coffee in my own way during winter...large amount of coffee with extra sugar and fullcream milk is just Wow!

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