Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tags - Honest things About me!

My week has been spent so fast, and this weekend I’m watching movies and reading books and making my cup of delicious coffee, I know it is kind of lazy but I’m enjoying my time.

Tagged Again by two of my favorite bloggers!! Rose gave me a Badge… and I don’t know what to say! It’s The Honest Scrap!! Thanks Rose, you are very sweet! And Shankar has tagged me with another interesting tag!! Thanks Shankar, your tags keep my blog alive :D

First tag from Rose! Here are the 10 honest things about me!

I’m always restless; I hate to sit in one place for a long time!

I hate when a guy talks like a saint, honestly most the guys I meet are Saints!!

I love Johnny Depp too much! My madness over him makes me to say, “Yeah, I have a boyfriend and he is Johnny Depp!” I can’t help it

I’m a big dreamer, I dream too much and sometimes I can’t simply can’t sleep even if I sleep my mind is awake!

I can’t sleep without hugging my teddy bear, with him beside me I feel very confident!

I love to experiment with my hair, in my 10th grade I had a Boy Cut and I was fat. Right now I’m having long hair and I’m slender.

I fight with my mom and after I cool down, I kiss her and I say “I’m sorry!"

After visiting Couture Carrie, I’m obsessed about shoes and handbags!

I’m a bathroom singer! I can’t shower without the music ON!

I’m a “Lord of the Rings” freak! I watched that movie more than a 100 times!

I tag Shankar( I know you got this Badge), Arjun(he is honest and can make something out of nothing), Star(my favorite blogger), and Nancy-Lover of Life (the Friendly blogger).

Next comes the Brand Tag – Tagged by Shankar

I have to list out the brands that I use day to day in my life! Here is my list,

Laptop -Hp notebook “The Computer is Personal Again”– I love my laptop, it’s black and Beautiful!

My mobile- Nokia “Connecting people”.

My shoes - Addidas

My jeans – Pepe

My watch - Fast track “Move On Man"

Web browser- Google Chrome

Television – Sony Bravia

Camera - Sony Cyber shot

Face wash – Amway “We are listening”

Lip balm- Nivea

Congrats winners and Happy Sunday and have a great week!


Arjun said...

The post was sweet u know.. :)

The things were nice.. Good to know...

And how can i thank u for remembering every time and for tagging me.. :) Thank u so much.. :)

I shall do it soon .. :)


The Solitary Writer said...

nice brand nd nice post

Star said...

Hello Prankysgang, I am honoured to receive this tag, thank you. Now I must answer it honestly!! You are very sweet to choose me. I will try and do the tag justice.

I loved reading your post today and finding out more about you. The more I know of you, the more I like you. I wish I had a daughter like you.

By the way, I always sleep with a teddy bear too!
Blessings, Star

Couture Carrie said...

Awwwww, thanks for the shou-out, darling! Frun tag answers... I love Johnny Depp too :)


Noble Beeyotch said...

Lovely posts. I enjoyed reading your 10 things!!

pRiYaN...! said...

i would like to add two things about inty !!!
1--> she is a gregarious gal !!
2--> she loves to fight with your sister !!!

those 10 things were amazing... and your privileged to live with 'SAINTS'...

Pop Champagne said...

youve seen lord of the rings that many times? dude each time is like 3 hours, thats 300 hours you spent watching LOTR!! LOL! and yeah I love jhonny depp as well, I love how he's doing all these kids movies for his children, aww I wish my dad was that cool! haha

Hilary said...

Nice to know more about you. Congrats on your awards. :)

Shankar said...

thanks for mentioning about me.... and for the honest scrap too...

Rajesh said...

Very interesting list you have got there.

Shankar said...

hey..sry I updated my latest post.... there is something for you..please check it out...

Nancy said...

Thanks so much! I love being known as friendly - that is a great compliment. Congrats on you award, I loved reading more about you. (Both my daughters took their favorite stuffed animals to college.)

Sandeep said...

Lovely post.I came to your blog while i was browsing from now i will be a regular reader of ur blog......:)

Kristin said...

Isn't CC the best? It was great learning more about you!

Couture Carrie said...

Thanks for your comments, darling!
Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!


Pop Champagne said...

yeah I can't believe Kayne said that either! And yeahhhh some other people are having issues commiting on GS&P... gonna try to fix that soon dunno whats wrong :S thanks for letting me know!

Jowy said...

OMG Johnny Depp u have to fight me over him..whahahahahahhaha I LOVE him too! he's awesome ey!

One Love,

Kristin said...

Who doesn't love the Depp? I swear he's like Clooney. He just keeps getting better with age!

Anonymous said...

I have an award for you at my site :)

Vanessa said...

I'm also a Johnny Depp fan!!

Couture Carrie said...

Thanks for all your wonderful comments, darling :)


Noble Beeyotch said...

Thanks for your lovely comments....Can't wait to read more of your wonderful posts!

My Castle in Spain said...

Hello sweet girl singing in the bath!
it was great to read your tag!
i send you a big hug and thank you for your lovely words !

pranksygang said...

Arjun- Thanks ... you are a sweet person .. thats why i tag you!

Solitary Writer- Thank you!

Star- I'm so excited by your words.. its an honor to me!

Couture Carrie- I think we have somethings in Common!

Noble- Thanks bird.. i'm glad that i can entertain someone!

Priyan- oh dear!! you are so sweet!!

Pop- hey pop.. well i have seen all the three parts.. and each 100 times.. so .. you calculate !

Shankar- i thing i have never payed you back for what you have done to me!!

Nancy- you are the most friendly blogger... and very positive too

Hiliary and Rajesh - Thank you !!

Sandeep- Thanks mate!

Kristin- yeah .. CC is the best!

Jowy- Oh i get a competitor- cool.. i'm ready to fight!

Vaneesa- Everyone loves Johnny!!

My Castle in Spain- Thanksss..

Rachel Follett said...

Loves those shoes!

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