Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And thats my story!

Hiiiiiii! I'm Back! Sorry for no prior notice for my long absence!

All these weeks I just violated my engineering ethics! I was studying.... oops.. solving Maths, day and night with a group of five. For almost three weeks we slept only for 5 hours a day. We all worked till our batteries go dead! But it was all fun :P

I was actually preparing for an interview because of campus recruitments. Tcs - Tata Consultancy Services a huge software company came to our campus on 12th & 13th Feb to recruit freshers(Thats us).

Everyone expect me was crazy about it. I worked hard to clear the 1st round which is the aptitude round but the test was too tough and I never thought I would get in. But unfortunately I cleared all the rounds and got a job in TCS !! I still can't figure out why GOD gives me somethings I never ask him!!!!! And I have no idea why I'm not thrilled about my job!

So this is the reason why I disappeared all these days. Other than this Shock everything is pretty good here.

So whats up ? Hows life?? Did I miss anything?? I'm gonna quicken pace from now!
Have a happy week!!!

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